Essay about Human trafficking and Human smuggling

You have probably never met someone who has been a victim of human trafficking, but within 48 hours of anyone becoming homeless, or running away, 1 in 3 people have experienced it. Many people don’t know, or just know about sex trafficking. But there is more than one. When trying to help people or help find out how to find people, organizations refer to the Three P’s. Those are, prosecution, protection, and prevention. And if needed, there is a 4th P called, Partnership. Just in case the person they are looking for isn’t working alone.

Around the world, Human trafficking and Human smuggling is getting people confused and mixed up. Human Smuggling is the illegal movement of someone across a border “(u.s department of homeland security)”. Human trafficking has different groups. There is things like modern day slavery, exploiting a person through force, fraud, or Coecion. There is also, sex trafficking, forced labor, and domestic servitude “(u.s department of homeland security)”. When they talk about modern day slavery they refer to how people were treated back in the day. Making them work under harsh conditions, abuse in many ways, and just not treating them like they are human. With abuse, there is hitting and beating and making them do things they do not want to do. When people are sex trafficked, they are forced to be used for sex and be used like a toy. Girls, women, and men, are all getting used and they just get passed around.

It is very common for the victims to not realize that they are part of this. They might not realize what’s happening to them. Around the world it is very common for people to bribe other people “(u.s department of state)”. Tell them that they are making a deal, and then turn on them. Especially for people who are imagrading. And most of the people being human trafficked, are people that just wanted a better life for them. There is a higher percentage that the victims are foreign, and not from the place they are taking them. It is common for the person in charge to tell them that if they do not obey, or try to ask for help, that they will kill them and loved ones“(u.s department of state)”. Some of these people do not speak english and physically can’t tell anyone what is going on and ask for help. And even if they are in their own country or state, they are still victims, regardless.

In poor countries, and 3rd world countries, it is most common for people to use human trafficking as a way of trade, to sell, and buy things. They want money in return and using humans is there way of doing that. In these countries, 139 goods are commonly produced by child and forced labor. Including, Bricks, Cotton, Gold, Diamonds, Shoes, Clothes, Coffee, and Sugarcane. And in the united states, that list goes on and on “(u.s department of state)”. In higher paying places, they will even sell people on line, in person, and on black markets. Kids, Teenagers, and adults are being taken from their families, homes, and places they should feel safe in. I can’t even imagine how scary that would be. Some people end up being killed and to never be found again. And real people are actually getting away with this. All around the world, prices vary for how much people want to sell a human for. For some people it is their job, and for others it is just a sick hobby “(u.s department of state)”.

Slavery is still all around the world wether people want to believe it or not. A study was shown that 20.9 million people is the estimated number of human trafficking around the world. And that is just the estimate. People are stuck in it their whole lives, and some people are only in it for a short amount of time. But more than half end up being killed “(u.s department of state)”. That number is slightly higher than the population of the state New York. Human trafficking is a real thing and people are putting it off. It has been going for years, and probably years to come. The numbers keep getting higher and higher, and that just means that there is more people in need of help and people that are going to be in need of help.