Enlisted structure of the US air force

The Department of defense in the United States of America constitute of various sub-department. The United State Air force is therefore a sub-department within the department of the defense. This military branch was formed in the 20th century after the invention of the airplane. It is mandated constitutionally, to protect the nation’s skies and support the ground troops. Other than protection of the skies and supporting the ground army, United State air force department are entitled to prepare and train the air force men and women.

The enlisted structure in the United State Air force exists to ensure efficient and effective optimum security against external disturbances. Consequently this study seeks to examine the functional structure, strength, conditioning and stretching of the United State Air force. Initially, the services currently offered by the United State of America Air force were functions of the United State Union forces. During Civil War, they operated with air balloons to spot confederate troop movement and numbers. In 1907 a permanent military aeronautical service was instituted.

In the name year, aeronautical Division of the US signal Corps was created and given the task of studying and implementing the use of military aircraft. By 1916, aero squadron had been built by the Curtis Company and it was first used in action against Mexican rebel Puncho villa. (GAO, 2000) During the First World War, the aeronautical division was separated from the signal corps and became the United State army Air service. The restructuring of the military organization in 1947 led to the establishment of United State Air force whose vision was to enhance global vigilance, reach and power.

The department of Air Force in the United States of America is headed by secretary of the Air force who is second after the secretary for defense in line of command and third after the president who is the chief commander of the armed forces. The heads of the major Air force command known as chief of staff thereafter follow in chain of command. The commands division is based on functions. These include Air combat command; Air education and training command: Air force material command, Air force reserve command among others.

The major commands are divided into 17 Numbered Air Forces; (NARS) Within NAR’s are wings with 1000 to 5000 personnel each. A wing may be classified as operational air base or specialized mission based on the need. Within the wings there can be 3-10 squadrons that supports up 24 aircraft and their operational crew. Squadrons can also be further divided into flights with up to 100 personnel. This structure is simplified to a smaller group unit to enhance effective implementation of the command. (http://stinet. dtic. mil/oai/oai? verb=getRecord&metadataPrefix=html&identifier=ADA103251)

United state of America is considered as one of the super powers in the world. This is based on the close examination of its strength, conditioning and stretching of its military force personnel. United State Air force as of 2003 was having a manning numbers beyond the authorized end strength of 359,300 airmen on active duty. The excessive number is attributed to increase in terrorism in the world. Thereafter, the United State Air force has embarked on a reduction program. The palace chase program is the process by which airmen from the active duty in the air force and commits their services to air force reserve.

This consequently, has improved the military air-base reserve. By 2006, the United State Air Force had 6000 aircrafts with over a hundred fighter pilots. This constitutes two percent of the airmen pilot fighters. The census of the airmen fighters after the implementation of lay off program stands at 350000 personnel. This air force military base number accompanied by advanced designed and manufacturing techniques has greatly influenced the strength of the Air force in the united state of America. Global Hawk Haulage is the ranked safest and most reliable machine used for military actions. (GAO, 2000)

Another aspect of the United States of America that has greatly enhanced its military skills and efficiency is the physical conditioning. This is a physical fitness program under which military students are subjected to physically empower them. Fitness program is meant to subject students to encounter obstacles that help to develop and test the stamina, leadership and ability to work in a team. Naval special warfare center in Colorado is known for this kind of a program. This program is divided into three phases. Phase one which lasts for a period of eight weeks. During this period, the student undergoes vigorous physical conditioning.

These include water competency, teamwork and mental tenacity. Before entry to this training centre the students are always put under physical fitness screening. During this process, the students’ ability to swim using breast or side stroke in a 500 yard under twelve minutes is tested. This comes along with speed test where the candidates is expected to run for about one and a half miles wearing boots and long pants in under eleven minutes and thirty seconds among others. Phase two of physical conditioning also lasts for about eight weeks. During this period the student continues with physical fitness exercise though in more intense rate.

The final phase during physical conditioning lasts for nine weeks. This is where the candidate is exposed to land warfare basic weapons, demolition and small unit tactics. Physical program is an important aspect of a military training due the nature of the work they will engage in. Another aspect of the united state of America Air force is the stretching. This refers to basic military training. Stretching helps to foster the importance of discipline. Military is a sector of the government where adherence to orders and command is paramount. Over the world the military personnel are the most discipline sector of the government institutions.

In addition, teamwork is an important component of the military. The airmen are always encouraged to be team players for that is their strength. science. howstuffworks. com/air-force2. htm Prior to joining this training the student is expected to undertake three to five times exercise per week for at least six week before classroom studies. The academic training during this stage, constitute of forty hours classroom instruction. This equips the student with fundamental knowledge on military issues and instills professionalism in the lives concerning the discipline.

Physically as a warrior, the students’ art exposed to profession of arms and the regulations and codes of ethics that surrounds the air force unit along side the chain of command in the Air Force department. Upon successful completion of the training the student is crowned by wearing the blue uniform of the most powerful force in the world. This is a grand achievement. The blue uniform gives one an opportunity to serve in the air force. The efficient structure of Air force in United State and its pivotal strengths has greatly improved its ability to monitor the state security.

Conditioning and stretching are part of the strength mechanisms that are used to enhance excellent and outstanding performance in the Air force.

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