Employee behavior

The society is governed by numerous and various concepts as well as values. These served the purpose of guiding and even limiting the behavior and practices of people. Most countries are also governed with concepts like law, democracy and government policy. These values also have a huge effect in the citizens of a particular country in terms of their criminal justice system and even their direct involvement with the private sector like in an employee’s behavioral practices.

In order to understand the ideas of law, democracy, government policy and employee behavior, the definition of these concepts is very essential. This is needed in order to analyze the connection among these concepts.

The rule of law is a political ideal that triumphs under the characteristics of an efficient system of government like publicity and transparency in public administration, universal and prospective enforcement of norms in society, the predictable social environment, which aided by norms in its formation, the operational equity in the administration, the independence and accountability of the judicial system, etc. Basically, this concept perceived the world in a way where people in authority exercise their power within a limited framework. Their exercise of power is constrained by public rules that prohibits them from making decisions based on their own preferences, ideology, and judgment of right from wrong (Waldron, n.d.).

Democracy is defined by Thomas Jefferson as the government “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” (Banisar, 2007). This idea of democracy gives importance to the opinion of those the government is serving, which is the country’s citizens. The authority of the government comes from the people due to the fact that in most democratic societies the public is the one responsible in putting these officials in the seat of power. The legitimacy of government officials is also seen through the consent of the people who voted for them. Moreover, since democracy gives premium to the opinion of the public, consensus is reached through a majority vote.

According to the article How Governmental Policy is Made (2005), policy is defined as a specific course or way of action that is chosen from various alternatives, which also aid in identifying present as well as future decisions. Policy can also be described as a decision making process, which mirrors the values that one upholds. Being the case, policy represents a specific political, ethical, or programmatic perspective. In line with this, government policy could be defined as theoretical or experiential assumptions about what is needed in order to solve a specific issue or dilemma.

Behavior refers to the manner by which an individual acts or control oneself. It is also the way by which a person relates with other people around ones’ environment (Princeton, n.d.). Thus, employee behavior pertains to the attitude and behavior of an employee in relation with his/her employer, working environment, and the work itself.

These various concepts have an interconnection among each other. The first defined term is the rule of law. Its definition gives emphasis on the idea that it is most effective under a well-organized and managed political system. This rule of law puts into perspective the welfare of the citizens wherein the law should contain guidelines that will embody the primary welfare of the people instead of the personal benefits of those in power. In relation to that, he idea of democracy also plays an important role in making sure the rule of law is upheld. Democracy values the opinion or voice of the people. This ideology also believes in the authority that the citizens possess, as they are considered as the real wielder of power in a political system.

They are considered as the real stakeholders because they are the ones who are responsible in electing these government officials in the seats of power. Being the case, since the rule of law should symbolizes the guidelines that are after the welfare of the people, the idea of democracy is guided by this rule of law because if the people have the prerogative to choose their leaders then they have the control over which individual would greatly stand for their rights and needs. If they would elect the most suitable and credible public leaders then there is a great possibility that these officials would be effective lawmakers, which will give premium to the well-being of the people.

The moment these officials already have the authority in the legal system they now have the responsibility in the policy-making process within the government. These leaders should now make the ideas exemplified in the concept of the rule of law and democracy become more concrete by creating governmental policies that would see after the interests and welfare of the people. Government officials should make specific policy regarding numerous issues and dilemmas within their area of responsibility.

One of the matters that the government needs to address is the behavior of employees. The labor force of a particular country has a huge contribution to the state of development of a nation especially in terms of its economic standing. This is the reason why the government should create policies that will assure the security of its employees. The behavioral patterns of most employees are greatly influence by labor policies like minimum wage, health and safety standards in the workplace, benefits, and others.

These factors affect the overall attitude, practices, and behavior of an employee. If the government would create and properly implement such policies then this would greatly contribute to the motivation of the employees and eventually their positive behavior.

These government policies also have an effect in the private sector of the society. Since a huge part of the economy of a country is composed of private businesses in terms of huge multinational companies as well as small and medium scale industries. The private sector would eventually have to adjust their business practices especially their labor policy if the government would implement specific labor laws.

The criminal justice system of the country has a huge part to fulfill in order to make sure that these government policies are indeed properly implemented. The justice system has the responsibility of interpreting the law. If ever a conflict would arise in the understanding and application of the private sector with regards with the policies created by the government then it is up to the judicial system to resolved it.

The different concepts that exist within the society of a particular nation each have a particular purpose and role. The value of the rule of law, democracy, government policy, and employee behavior are interconnected with each other. Each of which is important in order to reinforce the next idea and the succeeding ones after that. They also affect other parts of the society and the government system like the private sector and criminal justice system. Thus, it can be said that the values that a country uphold indeed have a huge contribution on how its nation is shaped.


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