Election is deception

Here I am talking about a Topic ‘’election is deception’’. In this age of scientific knowledge progress and globalization to say that election is force may seem to be bit strange, even ridiculous but it is may earnest responsibility to assert the truth. People who sing hymens in praise of democratic system of government and in support of their contention quote of Abraham Lincoln who define “Democracy is government of people by the people for the people”, Good definition indeed, but in reality is a government “off” the people ”Buy” the people and “far” the people .

Democracy is the cult of incomplete and ignorance and election is the tool to set up and incompetent and ignorant government. It can must be called as the mob rule or ‘monocracy’. The election which are basis of democracy, polarize the people and saw the seeds of discussion and disintegrations. Staggering scenes of lawlessness and large scale rigging are witnessed during elections. Sometimes no party has clear cut majority or heavy mandate, as they say to form the government. The multiple parties, with divergent ideologies pose a constant threat to the stability of government.

And this fluid situation, the government in power is all the time worried to keep the collation parties united and no significant legislative work can be done. Democracy is based on party system, members belonging to one party must toe the party line irrespective the fact whether it is in the interest of the people or against it. They dare not vote against the stand taken by their party. They are reduced to ‘Mr. Nobody’ or ‘Mr. Yes Sir’ in the face of rigid party discipline. Difference of opinion is simply mean your political death, which no politician is prepared to embrace.

Elections are held to set up a government in which sovereign authority rests with the people. But there is not a single country in whole world where 100% votes have ever been cast. Even in most established democratic countries like England, America the turn out of the vote cast has never been more than 50% it means that almost 50% voters do not believe in elections or electoral system.

The western democracy which is being followed most of the countries like Pakistan, may be successful only in western countries where literacy rate is 100% but in the countries of 3rd world, where majority of people is illiterate, clan conscious, biased and caste or creed, where voters are threatened, where voter are openly sold and purchased, where more than 40% of people live under the poverty line, where selfish political demagogues masquerade as patriotic leaders and well wished of the people, where the most corrupt people are given the highest rank.

To sum all the discussion I want to say that in such circumstance it is most erroneous but even foolish to think of elections and democracy, democracy in all these countries is nothing else but a farce, a sham and hypocrisy.