Election commission malaysia Sample

And the important things we should know is the process of election, process of election is the step that everyone must follow. First is Issuance of the writ. Once parliament is dissolved, The Election Commission under the Elections Act 1958 will issue a writ to each returning officer of the various constituencies to conduct the elections, and then the notice for the general election will be gazetted and the notice will be posted at convenient places for public viewing. The notices will contain the date of nomination of candidates and the dates for both early voting and regular polling days.

The second part is Nomination. All of the Candidates need to present their nominations papers to the returning officer on the nomination day between 9am to 10am, because time is money, we need to do things faster and nicely. The third part is the Election campaign, what is election campaign? It is the campaigning period begins as soon as the eligible candidates on nomination day are announced and it officially ends at midnight before polling day. The fourth part is polling the advance voting and the regular voters.

What are the advance voting and regular voters? the Advance voting is create for the first time in the General Elections, an advance polling date has been introduced for the police and armed forces. According to the EC as of July 2012, there were about 260,000 registered military and police personnel and their spouses on the registered rolls of voters. And now I will tell you guys what means regular voters, regular voters means before polling centres are opened for voters at 8am, EC officials would have begun work preparing the polling booths.

An area about 50 meters around polling centres will be cordoned off and only voters and EC officials will be allowed in. Appointed representatives for the candidates will also be allowed in to observe the proceedings. The fifth part and sixth part is counting of votes and announcement of result. Counting of votes is example like once the polling closes, the presiding officer will count all the ballots, like count the number of ballots given at the beginning, count the number of ballots given to voters, count the number of spoilt ballots, and the last one is count the number of unused ballots.

Every ballot is very important, win or lose will just maybe because of the only one ballot, so everybody must vote, because it is a chance to change our Malaysia to be a better Malaysia ever. The last part is announcement of results, at the night of the day, the head officer for each constituency will receive the votes of candidate. The one with the highest vote wins. The winner will then be confirmed as the elected representative of that constituency.