Exxon Valdez oil spill Example

I.-Background:Right after midnight on March 24, 1989Prince William Sound, AlaskaExxon Valdez supertanker ran aground, spilling thousands of barrels of oil that could fill 125 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Exxon’s lowest point in their history.Thousands of animals were killed.-sea otters, bald eagles, harbor seals, and seabirds.Four human deaths occurred in direct result of cleanup efforts.

-More Facts:Company took full responsibility for incident.Spent billions of dollars in result of accident.-including compensatory payments, cleanup payments, settlements, and fines. Voluntarily compensated thousands of Alaskan residents and businesses within 1 year of the spill. Following years after spill, Exxon took action to prevent future spills.

-Implemented thorough operational management system-System has been deployed globally.In result, company has not had any accidents similar to the 1989 spill.-Exxon recorded no spills in 2008.

II.-Quantities & Costs: In DepthThe cleanup effort last 3 years, from 1989 to 1992.-In 1992, U.S. Coast Guard declared cleanup complete.The total amount of oil barrels spilled that day were 250,000. Cleanup effort involved more than 11,000 people.-Alaskan residents, Exxon personnel, and contractor personnel. Exxon spent $4.3 billion as result of accident.-Compensatory payments, cleanup payments, settlements, and fines. Totalnumber of people/businesses Exxon compensated: 11,000.

III.Current Conditions:Exxon Valdez oil spill caused major short-term damage to Prince William Sound’s environment but no long-term damage.-Short term damages: impacts on species due to spilled oil. Today, the ecosystem is healthy, robust, and thriving.ExxonMobil has taken steps and made changes to prevent another major oil spill.-Modified tanker routes-Restricted safety-sensitive positions to employees with no history of substance abuse-Strengthened training programs for vessel captains and pilots-Applied new technology to improve vessel navigation and ensure the integrity of oil containment systems Exxon has also made changes to what procedures to follow if another spill were to occur-Improved response capability-There are over 1,000 ExxonMobil employees involved in oil spill response teams worldwide -Extensive oil spill drills are held at various ExxonMobil locations around the world -Have developed and applied new spill-detecting technology.