Critically examine the impact of technology on society

I would like to thank the almighty god for giving me the health, strength and life. I would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to do this SBA.

I would like to thank my family for giving me the encouragement and support I need. I also give thanks to Mr. Edrick Pemberton for giving me the opportunity to visit his site and take the various pictures of it. I would also like to thank him for answering the answering the questionnaire about safety, health and welfare, impact of technology on society and the introduction to computers.

Lastly, I would also like to thank my teacher Mr. Modie for helping me with this project, without him I would not have reached thus far.

I was given the opportunity to go to the Wedge Construction site in Charlestown, Nevis. It has been operational for over 30 years. It is a local certified company that specializes in road construction building, construction and water works. There are eight (8) professional that are employed at the company. Out of the twenty-four (24) persons that are employed there the other 18 persons are Apprentices. This company has Masons, Carpenters, Painters etc.

This School Based Assessment is comprised of a visit to the construction site of Mr. Edrick Pemberton which is located in Charlestown, Nevis. On the 11th of March an interview was conducted with the owner of Wedge Construction Site. A questionnaire was used to get the various information needed. Site visitations were performed periodically to see firsthand the difficulties facing today’s construction. Other means of receiving my information were Books and also the internet.

Aim Of Study

The aim of this study is to critically examine the impact of technology on society, introduction of computers on the construction site, as well as the ethical moral considerations of employees’ safety health and welfare.

Careers In The Technical Field On Wedge Construction Site

The Wedge Construction Site is equipped with persons working in careers such as Painters, Carpenters, Mason and Apprentices. These positions are filled by persons who have qualifications in mathematics, management skills, computer use and good communication skills.

For example a carpenter is required to have passes in mathematics and have analytical skills to do material estimates, before they receive on the job training as a carpenter. For masons, the knowledge and skill in mechanical drawing is needed. The mason should be familiar with techniques of furnishes, designing, curving and working with tools related to cementing and construction to carry out their daily operations.

Regulations.This institution is governed by rules and regulation, which workers must adhere to: Always be on time for workBe serious about the work at all times.Any employee, who fails to follow the dress code and shows indiscipline, would result in the loss of job or other consequences. Wear safety gear while working at all times.

Some of the safety gear that should be worn is showed in the figures below: Figure 1 Showing Helmet Figure 2 Showing Construction Gloves

Fig1Fig 2

Figure 3 Showing Steel Toe Boot Figure 4 Showing the Safety Goggles


The equipment on the construction site must be checked every morning beforeuse, for safety. At the end of the days work equipment such as ladders and scaffolds should be stored in a safe place. Other things such as buckets and shovels, cement bags etc should be put away also.

Fig2,3 And 4 Showing The Storage Of Ladders Scaffolds And Buckets

Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig4 On the construction site the workers have the privilege to have Safety Equipment, Supervision, drinking facilities, and first aid facilities. The workers have the benefit of having holiday pays and the education about safety. The workers on this site don’t have the privilege of medical coverage due to insufficient funds.

The constantly increasing use of technology has had a major impact on the jobs we do. As technology evolves it has a great impact on the construction by saving the workers time and energy. Computers have improved the Wedge Construction Site in many areas. The use of the computer technology has helped this construction site by making invoices, get weather reports, and the preparation the salaries for the laborers. The computer is also used to help the office clerk with the necessary paper work he has to do. Computers aid the aspect of the Wedge Construction Site in many ways:

BillingRecording and quantifying of suppliesRoboticsJob DescriptionAuto Card

The advancement of technology has impacted the Wedge Construction Site for 20 years.

Technology has impacted the society in many ways some even negative. One of those ways is by noise pollution. The constant use of the mixer has disturbed many people in near proximity of the site because of the hard cranking sound of the mixer that can eventually become irritating.

Another thing that has impacted the community is the trucks that comes in and dumps the sand, dirt stones etc. When these trucks pass with their load of sand etc at times some of the sand and dirt fly out in the air and make it harder for people to breath. Another way how these trucks affect society is by the thick smoke that come out the exhaust. This smoke is dangerous in many ways: It affects people with asthma

Affect livestockIt causes person to second hand smoke which is very dangerous.

The trucks also have a positive impact on society because the truck is used to collect trash from the site and being dump elsewhere. Technology such as the concrete mixer has a positive impact on society because it saves the workers time and energy. Another technology such as the jack hammer although it makes allot of noise that can disturb others it demolished rocks quickly and easily. The photos below show the technology that had an impact on society:

Fig 5Concrete Mixer

Fig6: Jack Hammer

In conclusion, the topic of safety, health and welfare are used for the protection and well-being of all persons which is very important. Computers are used on the site to save money and time and are used for other purposes. In these times there should be persons that are qualified to work the various machinery and have the technical knowledge to build a house.

I give thanks to Mr. Edrick Pemberton manager of the Wedge Construction Site and my teacher Mr. Modie for their assistance in making this SBA successful.