Criminal law Essay Example

Karl Marx, the advocate of socialist society, visualized a society where the wealth is equally distributed among all the people in society. There is no inequality between the rich and the poor as wealth is equally distributed between them. Generally, people fight for wealth. According to Marx, all the battles in the world have been fought only for acquiring wealth. He thought it was the social inequality that is the main reason for all crimes and conflicts in society. Hence, he was of the opinion that criminal law would not be needed when property belonged to all.

He felt that when property belonged to all there would be no urge to steal or rob. Marx’s view reflects only the partial picture of society, but not the complete picture of society. According to him, wealth and inequality are the main causes for all the problems of people. However, he totally missed the other aspects of human nature and society. Stealing and robbing, though they are major reasons, are not the only reasons for committing a crime. As many of the incidents in the history point out that battles could be fought for women also.

The great Greek poem Iliad is the story of how Greeks fought with Romans for Helen, the most beautiful woman. Similarly, honor and self –respect could also lead people to fight and commit crimes. In the absence of criminal law, the crimes mentioned above can not be controlled. When there is no law that punishes the offences of men, anarchy would prevail in society. There should be laws and criminal laws to punish people whenever they commit a crime. A criminal can not be left alone without any punishment.

Hence, the statement of Marx is totally disagreeable for any society however civilized it is. Wealth is not the only factor that determines the behavior of human beings; there are other factors as well. It is these other reasons that can not give any assurance that no man can commit a crime. Hence, there should be criminal law. Describe the conditions (social, economic, etc) that Marx observed that may have affected his thinking and brought about his conclusions as to future society.

Marx had studied the conditions of society in different parts of Europe over hundreds of years and came to the conclusion that it is economic inequality that is the root cause for all the problems in society. Marx was a product of his times. He was a witness to the turbulent times in Europe. His political ideology was shaped by his studies and the contemporary political, economic and social conditions that prevailed in European society at that time. The French society in particular had a profound influence on him.

The social inequalities in French society which led to the French Revolution had influenced his political and social outlook. The inexpressible suffering of the poor in the feudal system had moved him deeply. He dreamed of creating a society where there are no inequalities. Creating a socialistic society had been his main ideology. It was his passion for creating a society where are no economic inequalities that had shaped his vision. The influence of German philosophers and that of the English system of governance molded his political philosophy.

Marx thought that by establishing a socialistic society it is possible to change the society. He felt when there are no economic and social inequalities, there would be no problems in society. The political instability in Europe had left a strong impact on Marx and his political ideology. He considered most of the battles had their origin in greed for wealth. As a result, he thought if those inequalities are erased, there would be no differences between people and society. Finally, the economic inequality and poverty in society influenced him greatly to dream for a society which is unique by the absence of these problems.