Criminal Justice System Analysis Example

In the current social- political setting and technological environment, a sound and dynamic criminal justice system could be hard to entirely come up with. Considering the existing and the proposed models of criminal justice, a new model that fits the state of the society can be attained only by the consciously discussing the need, focus and mandate of the system towards serving the society and establishing standard procedures for minor reoccurring crimes and keeping with the pace of the society’s evolution (Law Reform Commission of Western Australia, 2002).

The main requirements of the system will be to provide justice in an effective, efficient, fair and dynamic way. The success of the system can be measured in evidence of crime reduction and a healed society due to prevention of crime reoccurrence as well as compensation of victims and rehabilitation of the criminals. Some of the properties of the system like effectiveness rely largely on others like just and fairness. This means in effect that these properties will have to be simultaneously evident in order for overall success to be realized.

The discussion of the ideal situation of the society’s needs for such a criminal justice system is the key to the structure of the system, and so the views and ideas discussed in this paper are not final and conclusive, but are contributing in the sense of analysis of the current and the past situations. A recommendation of such a system discussed is the result of the discussion and this follows the happenings and environment identified in the social-ecological settings of the state today. If a system is put in place as such to fulfill the situations, crime can be reduced and the society healed to an acceptable, reasonable level.

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