Criminal justice stages Research Paper

The criminal justice system is made up of three component agencies, which are the police, courts, and corrections. The police are to enforce the laws and investigate crimes. They apprehend the offenders and reduce and prevent crime. The court is to conduct fair and impartial trails and deciding criminal cases. The court is suppose to ensure due process and determine if the person is guilty or innocence in the changes against them.

The corrections is suppose to carry out the sentences imposed be the courts and provide a safe and humane custody and supervision of the offenders. The corrections are to protect the community and rehabilitate, reform, and reintegrate convicted offenders back into the community. The criminal justice process is a standard sequence of events that begins when the crime is detected. It consists of five major stages, which are investigation and arrest, pretrial activities, trail, sentencing, and the corrections.

The investigation and arrest begins with an investigation of the crime commented. Evidence is collected at the scene to put together a sequence of activities or events that may have took place. After the evidence is gathered then they issue a warrant by the judicial officer directing a law enforcement officer to perform a specific act. After the person is arrested is when they question the person about the time, place, and the reason for the arrest.

The next stage is the criminal justice process is the pretrial activities, where the person gets his or her first appearance, preliminary hearing, information or indictment, and arraignment for the crime that is against them. The trail is where the person accused is giving a trail to see if he or she is found guilty or not. The sentencing is when the person is found guilty by the judge and is required to pay a fine, be placed on probation, or incarcerated for the crime.

After the person has been sentenced the corrections stage begins. Some of them are sentenced to prison and once they are in the correctional they are classified according to the local procedures and are assigned a confinement facility and treatment programs. The way the government is structured can relate to the criminal justice system by having a punishment for the crimes commented by a person or property. It helps keep the crime down and it can make the community a better place to live and raise a family.