Criminal justice Analysis Paper Essay

There is arguably no other profession that requires a person to have effective communication skills than being a Defense Attorney. The paramount importance of such skill is primarily based on the fact that there is so much at stake in this profession. Any misstep or miscommunication could, in certain cases, mean the life of another person. It is for this reason that Defense Attorneys need to have effective communication skills. The gift communicating is a talent that many people disregard or take for granted.

Not many people realize that the way to find the window into the soul of another is not through any of the other senses except the sense of hearing. By listening to another person and allowing that person to bare his or her soul, one can learn so much more about another and arrive at a better, deeper and more complete understanding of who the person really is. The intricacies of the soul are revealed when one actually listens to another. The relevance of this is that as a Defense Attorney, one must often get to find out the truth of the matter.

Not possessing this skill could mean that a person would miss out on the relevant details of the case and incorrectly defend their client. The second aspect that reveals the importance of effective communication skills lies in convincing the jury. Decisions in court are not made by the judge. It is the jury that hands down the verdict and as such it is the jury that must be convinced on the innocence or guilt of a person. It is critical, therefore, that a Defense Attorney be able to communicate effectively to the other party the relevant facts of the case.

It is not merely presenting evidence but also explaining clearly the importance of such pieces of evidence to the jurors. To properly carry out the profession of a Defense Attorney a person must be able to first use effective communication to gather the information that is needed to create a proper and well informed defense. Secondly, a Defense Attorney must be effective in not only laying out the information but also in communicating to the jurors what it really means. That is why effective communication is a very important skill for a Defense Attorney.