Crime and Social Conditions

The crime and social conditions are related to each other correspondingly. The social conditions are mainly responsible for the crime. No one is willing to become a criminal until and unless the social conditions do not force him to become criminal. Sometime due to backwards in the society, or due to monetary problems or due to other reasons, the person is allegedly forced to become a criminal.

The social conflicts also force a person to become a criminal like in the Indian societies, many dacoits had been there due to the social injustice by the people belonging to upper caste like the same inequality happened in the past between the black and the whites. The social perspectives yet are also dragging the people for doing crime. Even many of the boys are committing the homicide due to social abuses. They have neglect and emotional deprivation from society as well as from the home also. Another major reason is the poverty.

During the past 25 years, the income gap between rich and poor in the U. S. has increased drastically The poor people belonging to the lower earning society sometimes turn towards the crime sometime due to the financial crises also. The Sociological Theory attempts to explain why some races are disproportionately involved in crime. The social theories can explain the cause criminal behavior. The social theories like in social learning theory, the criminal’s behavior can be explained as the people do whatever they imagining.

Eysenck’s theory of crime makes a perspective of criminal from his work on personality. This theory recognizes that the behavior of a person affected by its biological and social factors. Likewise the theories of differential association, operant conditioning, moral development theory by Kohlberg and others also explain about the causes of the criminal behavior.


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