The case study presents ways for the company’s COO (Chief Operating Officer)

To motivate managers as to how they can increase workforce diversity and be competitive in the marketplace along with the creation of customer awareness. Ways to accelerate the motivation of managers is also highlighted, but the question that is raised is what does motivation actually mean. Motivation is the set of reasons that determines whether one will or will not engage in a particular behaviour. Before going any further I would like to quote a common saying which states that  “You can take a horse to the water but you cant force him to drink that water”.

The same goes for people. It’s only motivation that can drive a person  to do a particular work. That is why the main purpose of this case study is to motivate managers. Since the definition clearly says that it is the set of reasons that would motivate someone to do a particular kind of a job therefore I being a COO of a company will give plenty of reasons with justifications to prove my opinions, this would motivate the managers so that they would support my goals of having diverse workforce which is again for the betterment of not only my company but for my

It is quite apparent that attitude and behavior play a major role in every person’s life. The attitudes and behaviors that are expressed at the most senior levels in the organization are often indicative of attitudes and behaviors that will influence the management of an organization. Hence if the boardroom is not diverse and nondiscriminatory, it is likely that the organization will not be diverse. So what is required to motivate the managers is to change their attitude and to highlight the benefits of diversity in the workforce.

Being a COO I would emphasize on the following benefits to the managers in order to change their attitudes and perceptions. Firstly, research says that an organization having diverse workforce is more likely to be recognized as a potential new market and as a result attract a much wider customer base i.e. the company would be able to penetrate into new markets. When we have more customers it will ultimately help our organization to grow and when our organization grows; the managers will be giving credit for that in terms of rewards like intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Research proves that organizations with a diverse board are likely to have a competitive edge.

Organization with high quality human resources where there is no discrimination delivers better product and services hence better shareholder value. Now another question that is raised is that how will the organization be able to do this. Organization having diverse workforce would have diverse skills and abilities that will help it in effectively dealing with different types of customers and different types of situations is the best possible manner.

When we will have more diverse board this will result in a wider range of skills at the top level that is very beneficial in the creation of wide range of creative ideas, this will also help organization flourish in the long run and ultimately will help managers and employees to grow. The application of diversity would bring a lot of growth prospects for the company which is one of the factors of ERG theory.

Besides this diverse workforce will also help the company to understand the needs of the wider range of customers that will allow them to offer customized products according to their tailored needs, this would help a company to create goodwill for itself and hence achieve a human resource side i.e. one factor of acquired needs theory.  If youngsters in the organization see the new turns in the organization they are most likely to stay in the organization and eventually become future leaders. This would provide the managers with a lot of recognition.

I will also use the equity theory to make managers realize that fairness will result in betterment for everyone thus by promoting and developing people based on their skills and abilities rather than irrelevant factors the probability of having the best people at all level of management increases. I will use control theory and will try to convince managers that in this rapidly changing world where everything is changing at a faster pace we can’t follow the old ways of working.

Today diversification is very helpful in retaining your market share and position in the market. In order to be competitive in the market we have to be spirited and have to face the competition. We should have an edge over our competitors by controlling all the factors necessary. From the above description it is clear that motivational theories would have to be used in order to motivate managers to pursue this goal of diverse workforce in our organization. Thus, to attain the goal of being competitive and achieve excellence in our field we need to have a large customer base which could only be achieved if we have a diverse workforce. Ultimately it will result in gaining more profits.

Now I would discuss with the managers how my plan will inculcate the reward system. First I talked about the growth potential that diverse workforce will bring. When a company is growing it’s just because of the better productivity attainable by its workforce. It means workforce is working effectively. When they are working effectively they should obviously be given rewards both intrinsic and extrinsic that would help them grow financially and personally. This is one reason. Secondly I discussed about competitive edge.

More diverse skills and abilities will lead to more success and profits. This will ultimately bring positive results for an organization’s workforce. A diverse workforce will help an organization achieve its targets in an effective manner thus individuals will also feel this sense of achievement as this all would be possible because of their efforts.

Recognition of the employees would also be highlighted as everyone loves to be recognized and want others to make them feel special and important. The diverse board will make us become the role model for our juniors which is one of the value based reward i.e. intrinsic reward everyone wants. After this I talked about fairness. This will help managers reduce the insecurity they posses, because although they are being given value today but due to defects in the system you can’t expect to be treated in a similar manner in the future.

Thus to secure their futures, equality should be there and security is one of the rewards that a person will continue to get through out his life. Last but not the least I have talked about the controlling factor i.e. to control our competition as it has become intense and its one of the major threat that cannot be overlooked or delayed. Competition at its worse side can even make a company bankrupt which would result in loss of employment i.e. one of the biggest threat for an employee. Again managers and other staff will get security as a reward if they have a diverse work force.

According to me my plan will work out and bring positive results for both my company and it’s workforce as I have discussed all the vulnerability of not having a diverse workforce. I have also mentioned all the benefits managers and employees could get by having a diverse workforce. Whatever I have discussed can’t be overlook as the world has become a global village, a customer is the king. If we would fail to cater large number of customer base it will affect the company’s profits.

Other then this if we won’t have diverse workforce we can’t deal with all types of customers effectively that in the end will hurt the brand image of the company which is hard to built and if this is gone it will take years to re-build it. If we won’t take all these consequences into account right now we are placing the future of our company at stake and it might happen that one day we reach to such a point from where there is no turning back for us.