Career criminal

This statement was made after Reagan survived an assassination attempt in which Johnny Hinckley, a mentally disturbed young man who was not a career criminal (the prosecution tried to portray him as “a normal all-American boy”), shot the president through the lung with a cheap . 38 handgun that he had managed to purchase even after he was caught trying to bring other guns onto an airplane in Texas. This shows that even in the face of overwhelming evidence, conservative politicians tend to prefer to block gun control efforts. Although the action plan will undoubtedly be accepted by many, it may

therefore face some degree of hostility from both the NRA itself and conservative political elements. For example, in the case of Caron v. U. S. , a precedent was set that is disappointing for the doctrine of peace. In this case, a former felon was seen to have reconstituted rights to own firearms, not just specifically, but across the board, so that this felon, who had perpetrated harm against society before with a specific firearm, can have his right to own this firearm again renewed. This represents an increased threat to society

in terms of elevating the potential for an increased sense of total harm through letting felons retain ownership of the very weapons they used against society in the first place. In the opinion for Caron vs. U. S. , it was stated summarily that, “In this case the Supreme court decides that in order for a felon’s right to own firearms to be considered restored under state law, the state must give him the right to own any firearm at all, and not just some firearms, even if the specific firearms he is caught with he is allowed to have under state law” (Bardwell, 2008).

As stated, this represents a setback for the theological concept of a trustworthy God who is dedicated to the concept of peace on earth and good will towards one’s neighbors. On the contrary, the setup of the NRA seems to reject the notion of peace and encourage an active suspicion of one’s neighbors by advocating the arming of society. In the future of this society it is likely the case that in the US easily obtained handguns and rifles will also keep being actively used by criminals and assassins. The NRA has, wittingly or not, been an accomplice to many murders, including the murder of

president John F. Kennedy. “According to journalist Robert Sherrill in his 1973 book, The Saturday Night Special, the NRA not only facilitated Oswald’s gun purchase, but also aided in the development of the ammunition that would make this notoriously inaccurate gun more effective” (Sugarmann, 2002). The NRA will also probably continue to stick to its time-honored truisms and arguments if the organization continues as it is now, and will continue to actively recruit more members and try to change its image from that of gun-toting rednecks to something more diverse.

It will continue to use the Second Amendment as an excuse for the assumption that the founding fathers of this nation foresaw a future in which teenagers could easily buy a Tec 9 and carry it to school with them. However, it remains the case that, “Opposition to federal controls is strong. Gun control opponents deny that federal policies keep firearms out of the hands of high-risk persons; rather, they argue, controls often create burdens for law-abiding citizens and infringe upon constitutional rights provided by the Second Amendment” (Gun, 2008).