American Chinese cuisine

The most popular Chinese dishes could be the next meal you might get to eat. The food is very unique and special for every Chinese person. Is not only the taste is also the story behind you might be missing from the wonders of China. The most popular dish that everyone can find anywhere they go is the Dumplings. They seem like white little puffy balls and are curious to see what’s inside them. The traditional dumplings are made with crab or pork meat and filled with piping hot soup that blast in a mouthful of delicious upon biting into it. Many have created different kinds of flavor that have are taste good too.

These dumplings have been invented about 1,800 years ago and have been highly popular in the North of China. Theses dish is traditionally eating for Chinese New Year’s Eve. The dumplings are cook steamed or fry either way they are delicious. Interesting fact about the dumplings that it comes from the Low German noun dump “lump”, that’s how they created dumplings! The roast duck has been traced in history back as in early as the Yuan Dynasty. It was listed as an imperial dish in the Ming Dynasty; Beijing which means that was a very expensive dish to buy and became very famous.

“No visit to Beijing is complete if you miss dining on the Roast Duck”, said one the tourist who went to china. This dish has also been considered as Chinas National Dish. It might be weird for someone people but this roasted duck can b eaten with pancakes, sweet bean sauce, or soy with mashed garlic. One of the most common ways for this dish to be eaten is for the skin to be first served by itself, and then the meat is carved up and eaten with scallions and wrapped in a pancake or bun. Then the bones and leftovers are made into soup.

There is a main method which is the initial that they used at the famous restaurant call Bianyi Fang established in 1861. They served using the traditional flavor. Quan Jun is another very popular restaurant know a days that many Chinese people and also foreign visitors go there. So who ever taste it would feel crispy and with a tender texture. The Ma Po tofu is a popular Chinese dish from the Sichuan providence. Is a combination of tofu known as bean curd and spicy chill sauce that it makes it’s a very tasty soup. Ma means pock-marked and Po means grandmother which together is a pock-marked face lady’s tofu.

The story behind this dish is that there was a lady whom when she was little she had smallpox which caused to disfigured her face. Ever since her face was disfigured she had to live her life of an outcast the capital of Chengdu. One stormy and dark night very wealthy men pass by her house to seek shelter from the rain. She was very surprise by having a guest at her house so she did one of her dish that had a combination of tofu and pork and some other ingredients. The traveler was so impress of how delicious was the dish so he recommended many other tourists to go try the Ma Po tofu dish and it became very popular.

Thinking about sweet and sour it makes your mouth watery. Sweet and sour is a flavor that has many styles of sauce, cuisine and cooking methods. It originates from China and it became pretty popular in Europe and North America. In this dish the most especial part is the sauce and you can actually eat it with any kind of meat and it would taste so good. The sauce has some vinegar mixed with sugar. In china when they do special sauce to accompany the main dish they always put honey and vinegar or lemon juice to have the sweet and sour flavor. No one can ever miss out eating noodles at China.

C’mon having noodles on your plate makes you slurp them, gulp them down or twirl them around the fork, everyone loves noodles. Chinese have been feasting noodles over 2,000 years ago since the Han Dynasty. As many people know the Chinese people like for their food to look good and pretty. Their noodles can be thick as a coffee straw or thin as a toothpick. After doing the fresh noodles they don’t cut them they leave them long. This is because long noodles symbolize a long life in Chinese tradition. Noodles are commonly served at birthdays and fresh noodles are placed at gravesites.

Chow Mein is a delicious and healthy dish, quick and easy to make at home. Chow means fried and Mein means noodles so they are basically fried noodles. The traditional Chow Mein has a variation of vegetables like carrots, onion, cabbage, green pepper, garlic sprouts, mushrooms, and all your preferences of veggies. Too add an extra flavor Chinese people put on a bunch of salt and soy sauce to have an extreme flavor. A delightful dessert that is very popular all over china are egg tarts. Is a cute little pie that is made from a bunch of eggs.

Going back to Chinese history the Emperor Kangxi did a banquet called “Manchu-Han Imperial Feast”. Usually the egg tarts where only made with eggs, milk, and dough. Today, egg tarts come in many variations including egg white, milk, honey-egg, finger- flavored egg, and also chocolate tarts, green-flavored egg and even bird-nest egg tart. The crust of the egg tarts is always made handmade and has to be firm with the decoration and curves they make. Also one of the Tai Cheong is one the best bakeries that offer good quality and delicious egg tarts.

For others the egg tarts are known as snacks call dim sum either way is a very good taste and good snack you could have while walking around Hong Kong. There are a bunch of very good and tasty snacks in China that can be an obsession. One of the most common sweet snacks in the streets of North-China is Sugarcoated Haws. These snacks are sugar coated fruits in a stick. It can be made with five to seven different kinds of fruits, by the end it will measure about five or six inches long. First thing you have to do is boil sugar into syrup and than you roll them in haws.

The syrup cools down to form a transparent and crystalline layer over the haws. The Chinese hawthorns are known from their rich vitamins and dietary fiber which help digestion. This snack has a sweet and sour flavor and it actually compared the ups and downs people have in their life. The word hawthorn is commonly called crategus is a well-known herb in the traditions of Chinese medicine. Another very tasty and sweet snack is Youtiao. Youtiao is along golden deep fried strip of dough eaten in China. They are lightly salted and made so they can be torn lengthwise in two.

The Youtiao is best eaten with hot soy milk or rice congee. Is also known as guozi it means “oil-fried” cake or pastry. In Cantonese speaking this is resemble as “devil” or “ghost”. Since is known for them as “oiled-fried devil” and according to the folklore is an act of protest against the Song Dynasty official Qin Hui. He said to have orchestrated the plot frame of the general Yue Fei. Yue Fei is an icon of patriotism in Chinese culture. Peoples say that the Youtiao originally shaped two human-shaped pieces of dough but later evolved into two pieces that were connected.

It represented Qin Hui and his wife, both having a hand collaborating with the enemy. The Youtiao are eaten as if done to the traitorous couple. Keeping the story traditionally they are know maid representing one roll the husband and the other the wife. Pretty creepy but this is still a very popular snack all over China. Chinese people have also created their own traditional drinks. Tapioca Drinks and also known as Bubble Tea is the most famous and most common nowadays. People buy these cold smoothies in whatever weather there is.

The tapiocas are a common ingredient in Asian desserts such as Falooda and kolak tapioca pudding. They are often used in sweet drinks such as bubble tea and fruit slush. They provide a chewy contrast to the sweetness and texture of the drink. Another drink of china is called Cocoa, rock salt and cheese. It sounds very odd by all the things it has but the taste is great. Is a China version of chocolate milk with foam some Chinese people called it a “cheese cream”. The cocoa, cheese, and salt all together in one delicious drink. The rich chocolaty flavor combines with the saltiness from the cheese to tease the taste buds.

Tieguanyin is another famous drink in China is known as the “Iron Goddess of Mercy. ” Tieguanyin falls somewhere in between green and black tea taste-wise, but it’s a yellowish liquid. When serve it comes with a fresh floral aroma and a fruity, berry-like sweetness. The after taste is like after chewing a mint leave with honey. The Tieguanyin can be found throughout China in local teahouses. Is harvested in spring and autumn this tea is referred to as “curled up leaves of jade. ” I you ever rather have a sour drink than trying out the Sour Plum Drink would be a perfect choice.

Is a very cooling and soothing drink a great match for hot pot and spicy Chinese dishes. The sweet-sour taste and it can be found in powder, liquid concentrate or bottle from the supermarkets in China. There are actually many other interesting drinks all over China. Most of them also have their history behind the drinks as well as the food There might be many types of dishes around the world but China most definitely have the most awesome food. From colors, weight, size and flavor every single characteristic of the food is important for any Chinese person.

The traditions they have a very unique and special. They don’t only eat the food but enjoy in their eyes and mouth. The flavors that each dish is very extraordinary because of all the ingredients they use. As everyone knows while going to a store and seeing all the food they sell might look weird and strange but they don’t always taste the way it looks. That’s why Chinese people prepare their food as good as they can be. Seriously China is the place where you can find that one special flavor you might be looking for. The only chance you have is to go and discover the wonders of food China has.