A prisoner is not just a criminal

The setting, characters, and context of the third scene are completely different to the first two, but the main principal behind it is exactly the same. The scene is set in a prison in a presumably foreign country, this known due to the different language used. A man is sat in a cell by him and is painting a picture. Nevertheless, the painting is one out of the ordinary. The picture is exceptional and shows the man to be an accomplished artist.

Following the same trend as the first two scenes a sentence appears demonstrating the notion of the scene, the sentence reads, "A prisoner is not just a criminal". As with the other scenes the adverts objective is to try and throw out the typical persons stereotype of various people. The first scene was a teacher, the second was a businessman, and this scene is someone who has been put in prison. In essence, the in-depth meaning of this scene is, a person that has done wrong and been sent to prison is not necessarily a person who has no skills other than those that involve breaking the law, there may be other things that they can do. The prisoner was shown as a superior artist, I feel, owing to the fact that a painter is generally thought of as a predominantly elegant, accomplished individual who is the opposite of what the advert states people's stereotype of a prisoner is.

After the three scenes I think the viewer would have an indication of what is being implied within this advertisement. After a fairly long build up the advert enters the fourth and last section in which the product is exposed. The setting for the last scene is somewhere fairly isolated in the desert. The camera is facing the side of a stationary car that is sparkling due to the sun beaming down on it. I am of the opinion that there were numerous reasons for firstly, placing the car in this setting, and secondly for the presence of such sunshine. First and foremost, the absence of anything other than the car in the still camera shot assures the audiences focus is only on the car it self and no other objects or people can distract their attention on the vehicle. Also situating the car in an isolated place makes the car appear unique, it gives the impression that there is nothing else like it on the market.

The positioning of the car sideways, I believe, also carries its reasons. Basically, the car presented at a side view is the view that shows the most design of a car. Lastly, the attendance of the sunlight in the shot makes the car sparkle, giving it a much more impressive look. This, along with the setting and positioning of the car all contribute to giving the viewer a first impression of the car as one of great excellence. It is this that is probably the most important factor in an advert since if the people watching the advert weren't impressed with the product that is being promoted there initial thought would be, not to buy it, but alternatively look at other company's products on the market. If this happens the company that are advertising the product will not sell many of its goods and will loss money.

After the camera is held on the car for about two seconds a sentence comes up which says, "306 is not just a number". After the evidence that leads up to this final statement the viewer can immediately continue this sentence which would be "306 is not just a number it's a car". Personally I don't believe this sentence would have been very effective if it were to be shown without the first three scenes.

The first three scenes present what people think of something as something that is that turns out to be great, something out of the ordinary that is extremely superior. This therefore demonstrates what the advert is trying to tell its audience is that 306 is not just a number, which people thought initially, it is also a remarkable car. Furthermore, the short sentence makes the audience aware that the Peugeot 306 actually exists. As a consequence, if one of the people watching the advert were to go out looking for a car they would have the Peugeot 306 in their mind and could therefore contemplate purchasing it.

To observe the advert as a whole, there were a few minor factors that were used that indirectly gave the audience some information. I think the use of a different culture in each of the scenes symbolises that the company (Peugeot) are a multinational country. Moreover, using different languages would save the company money as they could present the same advert in numerous countries by just adding subtitles for the scenes that didn't contain the language of the country it is being shown. In the case of England it was the third scene in the prison.

The use of presenting the final sentences of each scene in words rather than speech is because once a sentence appears on a screen while you are watching an advert, generally you tend to focus at the screen to read the sentence. This means your undivided attention is on the advert. However, if the sentences were to be given as speech it would not be necessarily for you to watch the advert so your concentration could be else ware. This is a negative aspect as without all your attention on the advert there is a great possibility that you will not be drawn in to the overall technique that s used to make you want to go out and buy the product that is being advertised.

This advert is targeted at anyone who drives, I feel, the content of the advert does not show anything to suggest that the Peugeot 306 is aimed at any particular market segment so I come to a personal conclusion that Peugeot would embrace anyone to procure the vehicle To conclude, my inclusive opinion of this advert is positive. I felt the method used to firstly, catch the attention of the viewer within the first few frames, then build suspense as they wait to discover what the advertised product is, would give rise to a large percentage of the people watching the advert to continue to be absorbed until the end. I also enjoyed watching this advert and believe it is one that has such an effect on you, that you tell other people you know about it. This is a very efficient thing for an advert to have as the car gets more promotion without people even seeing the advert.