Why do people excuse insane perpetrators?

Confucius’ law: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth… one that’d done something against others will be punished according to his/her offense or the crime he/she committed. But today’s government does not allow this principle of Confucius. Why? Simply because, we allow considerations and give second chances these days. We now know how to forgive and forget. We believe in the divine justice and entrust God to punish verdict in His own will. We know what’s morality and immorality. We choose to be God’s followers.

It is stated in the revised penal code of the Philippines that an imbecile person, person of a minor age, person who committed crime in defense of self and others, and by accident will be free from any liability or punishment. It\s for only one good reason: we do consider things now that are put of our control. We consider things that are only God could take over. A person that is out of his/her mind has no capacity to reason out or defend himself/herself. So, why is there a need to conduct hearings? That insane person has nothing to say.

He/She will just stare at you and worse, smile at you and ask you to go out, buy ice cream or give him/her a toy. An insane person does not know what dignity is anymore. He/She doesn’t know what’ reputation and integrity is. He/She does not know what self-respect is, does not know what it to be guilty is, does not know how to sympathize to his/her victim, and does not know anything… but nothing. The crime he/she committed was out of his/her intention, out of his/her will and out of his/her thinking and maturity. It’s out of his/her control and common sense.

For the sake of the family of the person victimized by an imbecile, maybe it will be easier if we will just punish the imbecile verdict. Let’s just took his head off and grind his body. Or we could bury him for worse. It’s easier right? But what’s the sense of doing it? What’s has been our difference with the person in insanity? We’re on our right thinking, right? We can think about what’s right and wrong and decide for things in good causes. We went to schools and studied morality. We also studied psychology and humanities… social studies… and stuff.

What could satisfy the side of the victim? The death of the criminal? What punishment does he/she deserve? Imprisonment? Garrote? Lethal injection? Salvage? What?… Any of the choices could be done if we would just want to. We could kill him inch by inch. Every pain he/she had brought us when he/she committed the crime will be compensated by punishing every tissue of his/her muscle and every cell of his/her skin. Then afterwards, was it enough? Did it give us justice? Was it satisfactory? It’s just disgusting. We’ve been more than an idiot. More than a stupid one.

More than that imbecile person who we were cursing before. We’ve been more insane than that verdict. We are the real criminal. We are the real perpetrators! We killed an INNOCENT PERSON, in spite of his/her situation, his/her insanity… we don’t have mercy. While we can think for what’s right and wrong, it’s our intention to kill that person. We must be punished. We deserve to be punished! Why? Because we are not innocent. Our law does not consider person, who, in the right mind to just get away from the punishment that the court gives to the offender after committing a crime.

We do not deserve mercy. We must be buried alive… or salvaged like hell… But God knows how to punish us. He knows if we are guilty or not. That’s why we leave everything to him. Through divine justice, everyone has been equal. Everything has been fair. It’s not an issue that an imbecile person is free from charges once he/she has committed a crime. It’s our responsibility to our brothers and sisters in the name of God that we take care of them. It’s our initiative. It’s our responsibility.