Why do i want to go to law school

Choosing a college or a university is one of the dramatic decisions, which consequences are going to influence my future life for long years. Choosing education means selecting future job, social position and way of life. This means selecting people I am going to communicate with, choosing image, choosing lifestyle. Bearing all this in mind I choose to study in a law school. Law is a field of study that offers the recipient a wide range of career options, each requiring different skills but also possessing common characteristics.

The options are endless in terms of practice areas and work environments. But all of my possible jobs are united by some important features. Legal practice is in any way a prestigious and well-paid work, assuming, that it is completed on a high quality level. It also provides great decision-making facilities. In order to understand weather I possess necessary qualities to take up legal jobs it would be expedient to use recommendation to law graduates, issued by Baylor Law School in 2005.

In general, those recommendations advice a future law student to concentrate on two general issues: –    First: readiness to work with other people‘s problem, to meet people in stressing situations regarding significant events, effecting their lives; readiness to explain clients the matters, about which he r she may be ignorant or have misconceptions; readiness to analyze troubles of the others. This all may be in total called “psychological readiness”. –    Second: ability to accurate and concise working, both verbal and written, searching exact facts, studying abilities.

This all makes “professional readiness”, also including competence in arguing both sides of the question with enthusiasm. Not a single of the named features and abilities is inborn, they may all be developed thanks to my hard work and enthusiasm. As for psychology, I believe myself to be quite a sociable and communicative person, so it is going to be relatively easy for me to cope with “human factor” of my job. It is possible for me to complete a training to learn some methods of psychological inspiration to ease some complicated situations, or to turn to experts on the subject.

Also, teaching my clients legal issues and helping them to understand a sense of law would be a real pleasure to me. Law will also enable me to take part in solving complicated reality situations and to help restore joy and comfort in their lives. As for professional readiness, this is one of my learning goals. I believe, that law school will give me not only professional knowledge and skills, but it will also make me a professional with necessary attitude to my activities. I already have some basic concerns, such as diligence and accurateness.

It depends on me, if I‘ll be able to accept a necessary extent of professionalism and turn it into a part of my everyday image. Psychology and professionalism are undoubtedly important to teach a good lawyer, but I believe, that the most important things are my own enthusiasm and my desire to succeed and achieve top results in my profession. This all combined makes me choose a law school.


“Do I Want to Go to Law School? ” Published by Baylor Law School August 02, 2005 http://law. baylor. edu/Admissions/doI. htma