What is Justice Example

Student Name FORMTEXT J. J LutherStudent Number FORMTEXT 22265355Unit Code and Title FORMTEXT JALECRG2 Topic/Question FORMTEXT What Is Justice Tutor (if applicable) FORMTEXT ????? Structure of essay/assignment Outline the intended structure and content for your essay/assignment, under the following headings/sections. Dot points should be utilised (unless otherwise directed).

Introduction An introduction breaks down the question, provides background/context to, and suggests the path the assignment will take; it is not just a list of the major points to be addressed. FORMTEXT Body/Discussion Students are encouraged to utilise sub-headings to help structure the discussion. FORMTEXT ? Initial thoughts Discuss the journey that I have been on in developing my own approach to the term justice.? Online discussion Acknoledge how the weekly inquiries have played a role in developing and expanding on the theories of justice. ?Concepts examinedFirst theories of justice employed:

– Philosipher Plato; ‘Gods’ in the sense of divine comand, his works The Republic and Laws – Theorist John Locke in relation to natural laws as a social contract – Utilitarian John Stuart Mill consiquence based approach in the form of right and wrong – Egalitarian John Rawls concepts of coordinated by fairness ‘equality’ ?Resources considered + Talk about the social research that I have done in regards to the topic question. Conclusion A conclusion should provide an answer/response to topic/question; it is not just a summary.

FORMTEXT ? Thoughts/reflections on your learning journey ? Directions for future research ? Remaining questionsWhen people say they “want justice”, what do they want? – nobody knows what they want in regards to jusrice – there are only key principlas that people require to be apparent * Plans initially developed can vary or be changed following feedback and/or further research. Students are encouraged to discuss plans with the lecturer or tutor, both before and after submission. POWERED BY TCPDF (WWW. TCPDF. ORG).