Welfare Benefits to Illegal Immigrants

Immigration which has a long history is precipitated by the need to search for greener pastures in terms stable social, political as well as economic environments. (LeMay 1). Illegal immigrants may gain entry to the US by crossing the border, using fake documents or extending their stay after the stipulated duration of their stay has expired. (Borjas G, 52). The debate of whether to treat illegal fairly or harshly is one that triggers varied opinions across masses.

Some argue that illegal immigrants have major positive effects on the nation’s economy and should therefore be treated fairly to an extent of offering them welfare benefits. Opponents on the other hand argue that they have negative effects and should therefore be denied such benefits. This paper focuses on the major issues highlighted against offering illegal immigrants welfare benefits. Since the 911 attack that led to the loss of lives of many as well as the massive destruction of property the US had to adopt stringent measures on her immigration policies.

It was critical to limit or rather regulate the inflow of illegal immigrants. (LeMay 1). Denying welfare benefits in terms of education, health and other social services to the illegal immigrants would be one way of discouraging them to finding access into the US. This way the terrorism threat would be reduced. Another factor that can be highlighted against illegal immigrants is that they are to blame for increased crime rates in the society and denying them the welfare benefits would be a way of discouraging them from trying to gain access into the US.

Illegal immigrants are also accused of depressing wages of the native workers as well as increasing the competition. Offering them welfare benefits will encourage them to flow into the US and this is at the expense of the natives especially those who offer semi skilled labor. Provision of welfare benefits to the illegal immigrants is also condemned on the basis that it will lead to increment of taxes which are the major source of the government’s revenue.

(Feinberg177-8). This is unfair as Americans would be financing the welfare of illegal immigrants who pose a threat to her economy as well as political stability.

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