Walmart vs. Target

Millions of people a day shop at the two biggest retail chains stores around the round world. What are the difference between Wal-Mart and Target that make consumers pick one over the other? Both The chain stores have many similar and difference when concerning to prices, quality, and quantity. In this essay I will talk about why people chose to shop at one than the other or do they shop at both. Do you go to Walmart for certain things and go to target for the other?

Walmart has about 9,600 retails around the world it’s the World’s 18th largest public corporation. It is also the biggest private employer in the world with over 2 million employees, and is the largest retailer in the world. Walmart is a much bigger brand than Target as target only has 1,767 stores and only operates out of U.S. as of right now. Even if target is not as big as its competitor Walmart it’s still a big competition with Walmart. Both companies have their own brand which they sell at a cheaper price than other name brand items.

They have many brands that range from food to clothes to household items. Many shoppers prefer Walmart and target brands over the other leading name brands. That’s because of the prices and quality of the brands.

For an example Walmart food brands are mostly between 10 cents to two dollars cheaper than the name brand, and target home furnishing has good looks and quality for long lasting furniture. There’s many items that are the same that you can get at both stores, and even both stores are right next to each other in some sort some not even a mile away from each other, so if it’s not the distance that make you go into one store then the other then what is it?

Both stores are mainly superstores meaning a one stop shop get everything in one store from food, to clothes to even electronics, so there really no need to go to one store pick up a few items and go to another because they don’t sell such items you were looking for.

Doing my research I find a big difference in the two when you choose depending how and what you’re shopping for. Target wins in the department of having a better appearance than Walmart, from outside to inside target is way cleaner and friendlier than Walmart even with Walmart greeters.

Target has a much open space than Walmart, the shelves are more organize and everything doesn’t seem to squeeze on one shelve. Walmart aisles are so small and cramped that two carts cant past without hard maneuvering, target aisles are more open getting where you want with ease. It seems that appearance is key with Target and as for Walmart not so much they are just there to save you money.

I have visited many Walmart and targets over the U.S. while traveling and I swear it seems like every Walmart the same with its appearance unless it was a very new store, but even thing the employees that work there didn’t have a good appearance. Walmart employees seem to not really have a uniform as long as you wear a blue shirt and khakis you are good to go. It’s sometimes hard to find people who work there because so many just wear jeans and a blue shirt and sneakers with no name tag that I wouldn’t ask because I didn’t want to offend someone.

Target approach is much better they wear red uniforms target shirts and khakis and it very easy to spot an employee at target. Walmart is really not your get in get out type shopping, many times I’ve gone to Walmart to get just a couple of items but since so many people shop there it took me well over 35 minutes to get in and get out, and I see that because they a have very few cashiers working at a single time and most of the self check outs are closed, and even using a self checkout its more frustrating than just waiting in line for a regular cashier.

The lines at Walmart are so long no matter what time of year or time of day it seems and even if no one really shopping which means you are shopping really late it like playing cat and mouse trying to find a register that’s open.

Target is a better experience when it comes to concerning quick buying even at a busy time the lines are not that long and most of their self check outs works, I can get in and get out of a target store with a breeze. When concerning savings I would have to say both are winners and sometimes losers in that department, and I say that because many times Walmart and target brands are not that much cheaper than the name brands and when it to regular brands being marked down like big toys or bikes you can really find a better deal at mom and pop stores.

It really depends what you’re looking for when you’re looking for a good deal, its best to check the sales ad every Sunday and check between Target and Walmart. Both stores normally have similar items in their sales ad at the same time for different occasions like Christmas and valentine for example, that’s when you know which stores has the better deal on savings. I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart because I notice to big difference when shopping elsewhere, it’s only a select items that I can’t get at Walmart that when I have to go somewhere else.

I mainly shop at target for clothes and household items they have very go styles and good quality when it comes to that department. Walmart and Target are good companies when concerning savings in general, if you are really a penny pincher you have to know which place is best to shop at for the right items. I really have to say it really depends on how the consumer wants to shop. Some like to shop at a clean and helpful friendly place and some people don’t care that much on appearance as long as they are saving money then shopping at another store. For some it’s the quality and other the quantity. Both are very good at saving you money you just need to know what and where to shop if you want to save a buck or two.