Is Walmart Good for America? Research Paper

Is walmart really what America needs?Walmart has been one of the largest company in the United States. It has around 5,000 markets worldwide.Why is it really that succesful in the United states? It all started being a small market for small city that did not have much and only sell U.S goods. But was sold to another company which stand to this day and made walmart what it is today. There are three main reasons why they say walmart is good for America. walmart is what the producers want to buy. They are offering consumers a wide range of goods. But its also has its cons in many ways its making workers from other companies have no jobs and shutting down their companies.

Walmart gives the costumers what they want. They have one of the lowest price wages and it catches the attention of the consumers which in this case is us. It gives consumers with low resource to buy what they need in the price more comfortable for them. Also by making the prices low it makes the consumers want more of those products or goods. It gives them the ideas that they are getting it for a better prices and makes them buy more even if not neccesary. Walmart is offering a variety of goods for America which makes this my second reason. It shows that America gets exited by seeing a wide range of goods in low prices.

Also they have goods cheaper and expensive of different variety and has what your looking for including goods from your country. It has exactly what your looking for and for the price you can afford. Whether or not Walmart is good for America this is a very good reason why is good for America. On the other hand Walmart is also bad for America because its making workers from other companies lose their jobs. Walmart is one of the biggest competition and has the reputation of making companies shut down. It has made workers who use to be paid 15 to 16 dollars to a minimun wage just because they have lost consumers and their companies can not keep holding them.

Also its making companies go into foreclosure because if they do not sell the goods at the expectation they thought they have to shut down. Walmart has alot of expectations every year and most of the time they are right of how much they will be making. In conclusion is walmart really good for America? Walmart has its pros and cons mostly because it helps consumers buy different kinds of good for the price affordable for them. In contrast its making workers from other companies lose jobs and end up settling for a job that pays the minimun wage. So Walmart can help America economically but can also make it worse.