Walmart Is definitely atypical

Walmart is definitely atypical when it comes to its relationships with consumers, workers and communities. Walmart and its relationship with its consumers: It is blatantly obvious that Walmart puts the safety and welfare of its consumers on the bottom of the list with profits being their sole priority. Time and again there are documented reports on local and national news affiliates of the horrors of consumers being assaulted, robbed, raped and even murdered in many of the Walmart parking lots across the nation.

As noted in the Walmart documentary “Walmart the high cost of low price” Walmart seems more concerned with putting cameras on the inside of their stores as if they were more concerned with shoplifters and the protection of their merchandise, while putting little to no cameras in their vast parking lots to prevent various assaults on their consumers and make sure they are secure as they exit the store towards their cars for their commute home. It’s amazing how a corporation like Walmart would take the safety of its customers lightly, knowing that a safe and secure customer can soon become a loyal customer.

Walmart seems to have only one thing on their priority list, profits.

Walmart and its relationship with its workers: Walmart and its relationship with its workers are abysmal at best. From Walmart teaching its managers how to make workers work mandatory overtime without pay is just one of the many ways that Walmart takes advantage of its workers time and their quality of life. It’s a sad state of affairs when a Walmart employee’s only choice is to either work overtime with no pay or lose his job altogether.

Many Walmart employees who work minimum wage cannot afford to lose their jobs so they have no choice but to work the hours given to them whether it’s with or without pay, definitely a sad state of affair for the Walmart employee. Another sad state for Walmart employee is their lack of affordable benefits for their family. With the minimum wage salary Walmart employees Receive most cannot afford the health insurance they need to care for their families, with Walmart even encouraging their employees to turn to their local government for financial and health insurance assistance.

Some would call this welfare. Can you imagine the company you work for wanting you to go on public assistance while still working many hours, at the behest of the corporation? Yes because this corporation would be Walmart.

Also Walmart invest millions of dollars in union busting tactics to keep its employees unaware, uninformed and ignorant of their rights as Walmart employees. With the lack of union representation Walmart employees are at the Mercy of the corporation’s unorthodox and unfair system of work without security or health benefits.

Last but not least, Walmart has been known to have adverse effects on the communities it inhabits. From the local American hardware store in Middle America, to the small clothing business in the south, Walmart saps the sales of small businesses around its perimeter which in turn puts the local businesses in jeopardy and for some businesses, even foreclosure.

Instead of Walmart creating jobs when they come into a community they kill jobs and the surrounding stores which are foreclosed bring down the property value of the surrounding neighborhoods in Walmart’s vicinity. The Chinese and their cheap products eventually outsell the better quality merchandise and jobs are eventually lost because of Walmart cheap merchandising tactics.

In cities all across America there have been anti-Walmart rallies and protests against Walmart coming into their communities. Usually corporations are welcome if they can bring jobs and better the community, but Walmart is atypical when it comes to brining secure and decent wage jobs where families can grow and where communities can prosper.

The positive effects of Supply and Demand

Supply and demand dictates the quantity, the price of goods and the profits it produces for the seller. Yes, the system of supply and demand should dictate who has food, housing and medical care. In the system of supply and demand goods and services are determined by the quantity of merchandise and the demand for it, which determine the price. The system of supply and demand in one area has the capability to spread in a positive financial manner to other parts of the country and even the world. With this system the chances for economic growth becomes possible and even probable because of the close link between the want of the buyer to the seller.

The reason why America has the greatest economy in the world is because of the system we call supply and demand. This economic system also gives consumers more flexibility when purchasing merchandise because the system of supply and demand can have a big effect on the fluctuation of prices from one part of the country to the other and even the world. Sellers of merchandise and even large corporations build their revenue through the system of supply and demand and in turn find ways to uplift towns, cities, countries and even Continents.

When the system of supply and demand is used it has the capability to advance its country’s economic prowess to the economies of other nations and in turn those nations’ economies can prosper through the bartering of jobs, goods, and even medical services. The key to any prosperous society is when its people and their businesses can prosper financially and create enough income for themselves, their families and their communities at large.

Food housing and medical care can be supplied to those in need with the positive indirect effect of the system of supply and demand. Even though many see the downside of a system where small businesses and corporations have the power of the purse when it comes to allocating its revenues and profits to their personal interest it is also true that these small businesses and corporation can have a positive financial effect on the economy and its citizens.

Private business owners and corporations can use their profits and revenues to enhance the humanitarian needs of its citizens, create jobs and health care and even provide housing for those who are able to intertwine themselves to the system of supply and demand that capitalist the world over consider the key to economic wealth and prosperity. Some call this system the trickledown effect where countries with economic power have the power to help other countries whose vulnerable economies need a major financial lift.

This is how America, whose economy is the strongest in the world can help and assist other countries who economies’ are not even, listed in any of the world’s stock exchanges or financial markets. Many countries who are not involved in the world financial markets still are in the position to generate revenue through financial loans, bartering or assistance.

In closing, many will say supply and demand is a capitalist ploy benefiting the financially powerful 1% percent while being totally unfair to the 99% of the economic population. That may be true yet it is also true that nations that let its corporations and small business owners prosper financially without the stress of government regulations can grow an economy that can be a benefit to all its citizens. No economic system is perfect and some economic system are fairer to the people at large than the corporation they work for.

The system of capitalism and supply and demand like other systems has many flaws and can seem financially unfair to the many but it is one of the few economic systems that has proven time and Jones5 again that it has the potential to grow for the 1% and for those who depend on the 1% for their economic successes