Walmart Case – Puerto Rico

1. One of the major criticisms of Walmart is that the organization causes problems for local communities, how should Walmart combat this negative publicity?

Actually as Walmart is making efforts to reduce imports in order to benefit local communities they should benefit from that negative publicity creating a new campaign claiming that when you buy in Walmart you support the development of local communities as most of the products sold in Walmart are actually produced by those communities.

2. What steps should Walmart take to improve communications with the incoming government and other publics to ensure cooperation and support in the future?

Walmart must improve their Public Relations in order to improve communications with the incoming government and other publics. We will use the Valid Public Relations Metrics Framework to specify the necessary steps to improve that communication: Public Relations Activity:

Awareness: Create content, engaging through social media, engaging traditional level. Intermediary effect:

Awareness: Number of articles dedicated to the initiative in Waltmart.

Target audience impressions

Knowledge: Key message on the articles is what we want to transmit.

Interest: Expressed opinions of interest by opinion leaders. Example: A senator claiming that Walmart is beneficial for local communities.

Support: Opinions of leaders that support the message we intend to give.

Target audience effect:

Awareness: Target audience with aware of the existence of the campaign.

Knowledge: Target audience knows in detail the benefits of Walmart

for local communities.

Interest: Brand identification between Walmart and the target audience.

Support: Change in attitude, now Puerto Rican people have the intention of buying in Walmart. Action: Increse in sales, increase in brand identification, customer loyalty, etc. By improving PR, we make sure that a significant segment of the population is aware and support Walmart’s initiatives. With that accomplished, communications between the incoming government and other publics will be definitely easier.

3. Should Walmart publicize its effort to assist local farmers in an environmentally friendly fashion in Puerto Rico? In the United States? What methods should the company use if the goal was to benefit from the positive publicity that could accompany the SDE program? Being the goal of Walmart reducing imports from 70% to 30% motivating the consumption of local produced foods, the company should communicate that to their audience and benefit fom it. ‘Buy native, buy in Walmart’ Identify the target audience:

Current customers of Walmart

Puerto Rican ONG’s

Determine objectives

Increase sales

Eliminate the negative publicity

Position Walmart as a benefit for local communities in Puerto Rico

Design the message

Emotional message appealing to the identity of Puerto Rican people.

Rational message showing how the local communities can benefit from people buying in Walmart.

Select Channels




Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube)

Public Relations (Articles in magazines)

Establish budget

Costs of advertising in the selected channels

Costs of producing TV and radio advertisements

Costs of designing the newspapers advertisings

Costs of the social media plan.

Select the message source

Rational message: Through newspapers, social media explaining and articles in magazines) in simple words how do local communities benefit from the existence of Walmart.

Emotional message: Appealing to the identity of Puerto Rican people and they have an identity of empathy and willingness of help their country man. Through Television and radio.

Measure results

In order to measure the results of the campaign we must use the following indicators:

Sales in Puerto Rico.

Brand identification between Puerto Rican people and Walmart.

Decrease of negative associations with Walmart

Manage the IMC

Advertising: Create brand awareness, reduce negative associations

Public Relations: Obtain favorable publicity in magazines and newspapers with articles that explain how local communities benefit from Walmart

Sales Promotion: Discounts and special offers for products made by