VTC and broadcasting digitalization in Vietnam

• All territory in Vietnam is covered with digital • • •

signals and applies technologies such as DVBT, DVB-S2, DVB-C . Among them, DVB-T is the most popular form of broadcasting. DVB-S2 t h l DVB S2 technology has the most powerful h th t f l development, through 2 satellites: Vinasat-1 and AsiaSat5 . VTC possesses and operates the largest digital TV network system and services in Vietnam. Vietnam

Digitalization and shared experiences of


DVB T, one-step-forward DVB-T one step forward technology

• VTC has chosen digital terrestrial television (DTT) since the 90’s of the last century . • in 2001, the first set-top-box designed by VTC •

that th t was able to decode DVB-T t bl t d d DVB T tape signal was i l on the market. Until 2011, VTC has already introduced 7 2011 model DVB-T set-top-box and is operating the largest DTT platform system .

DVB-S2, DVB S2 powerful advance in digitalization

• In 2008, right after Vinasat-1 was launched by • •Vietnam, VTC has successfully deployed the second generation of Digital TVservice, DVBS2 . For the first time, high definition television (HDTV) has been commercialized in Vietnam and achieved great success . The demand for HDTV broke out in Vietnam after the appearance of DVB-S2 .

Content production must accompany with timely changes

• In 2006, VTC was the first TV station in• • • •

Vietnam deployed 100% “tape-less” production technology throughout production process . Tape less Tape-less in production Tape-less in post-production Tape less Tape-less in broadcasting Tape-less in archiving

Content change in accordance with technology

• Digital technology raises new demands in content from audiences. • It’s the programs and TV broadcast in HDTV It s which cannot be done in analog technology. • It’s the programs interactive channels that p g

provide content according to audiences’ choice (ITV) which can only be done in digital TV system .

HDTV – brand new experience

• VTC started researching in HDTV from 2005 t t d hi i f • • • •

and commercializing from 2008. A series of technology and content challenges have been solved . Technologically, it s solving challenges of it’s broad-band, technical standards, storage system and post-production equipments . About content, new technological abilities expect innovation in program’s content. Many new programs th t take full advantage of that t k f ll d t f HDTV were born . Re-train Re train the human resource Re-build production process

HDTV – brand new experience

• Until now, VTC provides 30 channels in HDTV standard. • Among them, 5 HD channels are self-produced. • VTC is the greatest HDTV provider in Vietnam.

ITV – the new choice

• VTC is the first station that implements• •

Interactive Television in Vietnam Currently, VTC provides 2 ITV channels in both SD and HD technologies . There are approximately 50.000 requests of audiences being sent to the system each day


• From Dec 2010,, VTC has been the first station •

in Vietnam broadcast trial 3DTV on service system . With duration of 3 hours broadcasting on every Sunday, VTC’s audiences have an opportunity to approach latest trend of Television in digital era.

Our experiences

in order to achieve great success like now, VTC did learn so g , much from our own experiences: 1. appropriate investment in new technologies. In fact, VTC gives priority to R&D . 2 – In accordance with such fast development in technology nowadays, we need to focus on the most modern technologies to avoid backward . 3 – Quickly catch the trend of technology and demand of people to adjust correctly/appropriately . 4 – Technology used to serve the content communicating in accordance with audiences demand . audiences’ 5 – Human resource is the decisive element for success .

Vision of 2015

• We believe that the target of Vietnam • •

government in changing to digitalization in 2015 is completely feasible and will success . VTC aim to keep being the Television station that has greatest digital broadcast g g infrastructure in Vietnam in 2015 . VTC believes that HDTV, 3DTV, IPTV will be the trend of broadcasting in digital era.

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