Voting Laws

In America each state has its own election laws. The state government is the one which formulates its election clause. New Mexico has its own election law and agencies that is responsible for enforcing the election laws. The agencies are often part of the sate judiciary or part of the executive branch. Literature review Pennsylvania Voters’ registration in Pennsylvania – voters in Pennsylvania are required to register any time but not later than thirty days to election.

Registration for voters is usually stopped thirty days to election. However the state can still process the application forms on the following basis; the registration was done by mail and the mail has been postmarked on a date that is not later to the deadline day. However if there is no sign of post mark the application form must be processed within five days after the deadline for submission of the application.

The application form for voter registration can be done in transport department, any government agencies, can be sent by mail or can take place at the county level however they have to be duly processed by the commission for voter registration. Voting in Absentia – like other States Pennsylvania allows its electorate to vote while away. However other the absentee voters with disability, all the others have to deliver the ballot paper to the county council through the mail or themselves to the county election board.

In order to obtain an absentee ballot paper, the applicant must; contact board of election through down loading and printing application form for absentee balloting. Incase a different person is the one taking the form on behalf of you, he must be accompanied with designation agent certificate and a certificate showing that he is registered agent who assist the disabled voters.

The following voters are allowed to vote through absentee ballot: voters who might be in the military service away from the state, a dependent or a partner, who is accompanying the military person on service and feels that he will be away on the Election Day, merchant marine members who will be away on service and his partner or dependent, religious members, any person who will be on duty to the electors board, or to any business or occupation who will be away during the election day, last but not least a person who is qualified but he is war veteran who is hospitalized or his bedridden due to physical disability or illness.

The application will be processed with the county board of election. Early Voting in Pennsylvania- Pennsylvania has no early voting like the other states. The only form of early voting is voting through absentee ballot. Lack of early voting in Pennsylvania has seen a lot of people turning out during the Election Day. And voting machines in Pennsylvania are also prone to damage during election. (Moritz 2006 page 25 – 47). A voter is required to carry an voters identification card – in Pennsylvania Voters are not allowed to vote unless they produce a proof of eligibility by producing voters identification card.

The voters identification card is usually issued the commission for registration. To be issued with voters identification card one must produce the following things: An original or a photo copy of a bank statement, utility bill, pay check, government check, current utility bill, student identification card, government check, bank check, pay check or any document from the government including IDs given by India tribal government or a pueblo indicating the address and name of the applicant. . (Pennsylvania State Election Laws. 2008)