USA Death Penalty

Death penalty should be implemented because: it serves as a retribution or justice to the victims; it serves as a deterrent to criminal behaviors or acts; and last but not least, it is the “appropriate punishment”. Retribution Individuals who support and advocate death penalty believe that through it, the victims, as well as, the victims’ loved ones, attain retribution or justice (White n. p. ).

For example, the relatives of victims would push for death penalty to make sure that the criminals in question would not be given a chance to be set free under a “parole” or would not have an opportunity to escape from prison (White n. p. ). This means that through death penalty, the victims and their loved ones are ensured that the criminals would not be able to get away with the crime that he or she committed (White n. p. ). This also means that through death penalty they have attained retribution or justice (White n. p. ). Deterrence

If death penalty is in existence then bad people who plan to carry out their bad plans will be giving another thought for such a move (White n. p. ). They extremely believe that implementation of death penalty will help deter people from wrongdoings like killing since death penalty, in this case, will serve as an example to those who are still planning to engage in criminal activities (White n. p. ). For example, an individual who is determined to rape somebody is likely to think things over if he or she is aware that rape is punishable by death penalty.

Appropriate Punishment Death penalty is the “appropriate punishment” for the wrongdoings that these people did (White n. p. ). For example, if the act committed is murder where a life was taken, then the “appropriate punishment” to that really is death penalty and take the life of this person as well (White n. p. ). In addition, if an individual committed rape then the “appropriate punishment” is death penalty so that this individual will not have a chance to repeat such offensive act ever again (White n.p. ).

Conclusion Death penalty should really exist and implemented strictly: for victims and their loved ones to be able to attain retribution or justice for the act carried out against them; so that it will serve as a deterrent to behaviors categorized as criminal; and last but not least, so that there exists a “proper punishment” for criminal behaviors like the examples aforementioned.


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