US Government versus The Republic of Ireland

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a government is defined as the “organization, machinery or agency through which the political unit in a particular country exercises authority”. In other instances, a government is also defined as the process by which a particular country is governed (2009). Governments are said to play a huge part in our lives. Through the government, law and order is maintained in a country. This then makes life that much easier and smoother.

Still, individuals are so used to the tasks that governments play, for example maintaining stability, so much that so that governments get taken for granted and their influence goes unnoticed. However, while governments differ from country to country to country, their influence remains largely the same. A republic maybe defined as a government whereby a restricted group of citizens form a political unit. In most instances, the political unit is formed under the sponsorship of some kind of charter.

The main purpose of the charter being to direct the citizens in the republic to elect representatives who will then govern the state (Marriott). Accordingly, a republic is essentially a free polity. However, it is not to be noted that this is not because they are they are elected by the citizens of the polities but because they are bound by a charter which serves to limit the powers and responsibilities of the state (Marriott). It is also important to note that the fact that the people in a republic vote for their representatives is what makes them free.

No. On the contrary, it is the logical consistency and rationality of the charter, and most importantly the willingness if the people to live by it. That is what keeps the people free (Marriott). There are different systems of governments. Nonetheless, the presidential and the parliamentary system of government are by far the most popular. While the US has in place a presidential system of government, the republic of Ireland has a parliamentary system of government.