Unjustified late payment charges

I have been enjoying the credit card services of your esteemed bank for the last four years and I must admit that your services remained a source great financial comfort for me and I have utilized the benefits to full extents. With reference to the monthly credit card statement of February 2009, I want to point out that this statement contain late payment charges of amount $121. 83 for the month of January 2009. I want to indicate that I received the statement of January 2009 late and I notified this to your customer service representative, Mr.

Judie Nicholson on January 23, 2009 at 1714 hrs that I have yet not received my credit card statement for the month of January 2009. He informed me that he will investigate the matter. He further informed me that due amount for the month of January is $ 3124. 87 with current minimum payment due is $500. He said that as there are still 2 days remaining so I should drop a cross cheque at the earliest without statement. I dropped the cross cheque in favor of HSBC card of amount $700. 00 on the very next morning at the nearest HSBC branch.

Now I have been penalized as statement shows that cheque was drawn at February 02, 2009. So these late payment charges are not justified as I dropped the cheque within the due deadline. I would like you also to take into account my previous credit history that will show that I never paid late over a period of four years.

Furthermore, your bank gives to its loyal customers a grace period over deadline of 2 to 3 days. So please take all these factors into consideration and remove the fine. I hope to hear a favorable response from you and you will not turn down the request of a loyal customer.