Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Saint Leo University maintains its core value of community which is comparable to the universal declaration of human rights. Saint Leo University, a catholic based institution was created to promote an environment for everyone to be incorporated in a spirit of “belonging, unity, and interdependence which is based on mutual trust and respect.” Within the explanation of St. Leo’s core value of community it goes on to state that by “mutual trust and respect to create a socially responsible environment that challenge all of us to listen, to change, and to serve.”

When observing how that is similar to the universal declaration of human rights the same expressions can be followed. Within the preamble of the declaration it states that all people and all nations shall “strive by teaching and education to promote respect and effective recognition and observance.” Respect for others is fundamental values for both St. Leo as well as the declaration.

Article one of the declaration reads “humans are born free and should be allowed to remain free, equal in dignity and rights.” There are reasons and conscience that all should respect and coexist with each other in the spirit of brotherhood. In 1898 St. Leo decided to end segregation in the campuses in the Deep South. Article Seven of the declaration explains that “all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. St. Leo also embraces equality for all with trust and respect. St. Leo explains that it welcomes learners of all religions and even those who have not religious affiliation making no room for discrimination of others religious choices.

The declaration of human rights explains that all shall be free from discrimination and are entitled to all that rights and freedoms set forth within, without distinction of any kind. It goes on to list some examples of distinction such as “religion”. Article 18 also references that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Within the values at St. Leo and the words within the declaration you can find a universal understanding of what freedom is and how everyone should receive it and protect it for themselves and others.

The pursuit of happiness is within how we embrace each other. Saint Leo’s mission statement encourages members to embrace and share their own values. Article 19 also encourages that everyone has a right of freedom of opinion and expression. It states that everyone has a right to have opinions without interference and encourages seeking and receiving information and ideas. Service to others within the community is a core value at St. Leo and is a testament to its faith and commitment to the Catholic religion. It is not mention as such within the declaration of human rights however there is explanation of teaching and sharing as a fundamental right that everyone deserves.

Fair treatment of members at St. Leo is what will maintain the trust and respect for an ideal learning environment. In the declaration it explains how respect and trust is important in order to promote good relations with all nations. Everyone has a right to peaceful assembly and association can be related to how St. Leo encourages a healthy sociable environment that will enhance the learning experience and allow members to gain the most out of their experiences. As stated before St. Leo welcomes members with or without religion or those who are not Catholic.

The idea of promoting a spirit of belonging and unity is also found within the declaration of human rights when explained in Article 20 it states that no one shall be compelled to belong in an association, however everyone is free to peacefully assemble or be involved in associations of choice.