Should the United States Have Dropped Little Man and Fat Boy on Japan?

History holds many controversial events. Some may even be considered injustices to the citizens of the world. I believe that the Atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan in World War II were one of the most heinous crimes. The bombs were inhumane, thus causing much suffering. Even if there was no other way to end the war I feel that there should have been more publication and publicity about the atomic bombs. The American people were mislead when the bombs were dropped. In addition, I believe the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was dishonorable.

All in all, I believe the atomic bombs were unnecessary to end World War II. The two bombs that were dropped on Japan, Little Man and Fat Boy, were very inhumane. At Nagasaki 80,000 innocent civilians were killed by the bomb. Twice as many were killed at Hiroshima. That means about 240,000 Japanese people were killed by America in World War II. More than a quarter of a million people dead when two bombs exploded! The Japanese didn’t even know the Americans had the bombs or were going to drop the bombs if they didn’t surrender.

It would have been a much better incentive for Japan to surrender if they knew how much destruction the atomic bombs could have done. People might have thought that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an appropriate response to the Pearl Harbor attack, but these are two very different situations. In Pearl Harbor men and women in the military died because the Japanese were after Battle ships (such as The USS Arizona (BB-39), The USS Oklahoma, The (BB-37)USS West Virginia (BB-48) , The USS California (BB-44) , The USS Nevada (BB-36) ,

The USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) , The USS Maryland (BB-46) , and The USS Tennessee (BB-43)), Cruisers (such as The USS Helena (CL-50) , The USS Honolulu (CL-48) , and The USS Raleigh (CL-7)), Destroyers (such as The USS Cassin (DD-372), The USS Downes (DD-375, The USS Helm (DD-388) , and The USS Shaw (DD-373)), one Minelayer, and Auxiliaries(such as The USS Curtiss (AV-4) , The USS Sotoyomo (YT-9), The USS Utah (AG-16), and The Vestal YFD-2) and airplanes. The men and women in the military signed up for the job of protecting the country even at their own risk.

The civilians who lived in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the normal average Joes with families and children. Most of the people were unarmed and were not part of any military. Yet these people were killed, because the Japanese government decided to bomb Pearl Harbor. Also, the bombers who laid the bombs didn’t know if they were carrying the atomic bomb. This is because there were three bombers that were assigned the mission and the bombers were not told if they had the atomic bomb in their plane or not. Thus, all three United States bombers went to Japan and in unison pressed the recesses button. Imagine what that would be like to think that you may have wiped out an entire city, yet not know for sure. That must be a terrible feeling for those six pilots to live with the rest of their lives. Have you ever thought of the horror that the American people went through at that time? I believe that they were misled about the atomic bomb.

The government told the people of the United States of America, that atomic power would help them in their everyday life by pumping water and assisting with other everyday tasks. However, the atomic power idea never really got off the ground in the United States as it had in Europe. Thus, the experimenting with atomic power was halted. Then atomic energy moved toward the testing and building of atomic bombs. The public was notified that the atomic bomb would be used against Japan. The hope was that they would only have to use it once to end the war.

The scientists were correct by saying that the atomic bomb would end the war, but they were incorrect by saying that it would only take one. Instead there were two bombs dropped on Japan to get a surrender from Japan. Not only were the American people misled about only having to use the atomic bomb only once, but also there was never a public display of the atomic bomb’s power. The scientists that were making the bomb were asked if they believe there should be a bomb released for the common man to see. The person asking believed that there shouldn’t be one. Eighty percent questioned thought there should be yet it never happened because the results were thrown out. Thus there was no public display of the atomic bombs power.

I think that the American people would not have agreed to the use of the atomic bombs as readily if they knew the bomb’s capability. Lastly, I believe that the dropping of the atomic bombs (Little Man and Fat Boy) on Japan was dishonorable. Not one American soldier ever set foot on Japanese soil. The bombs were simply dropped from planes and then the planes flew as fast and far away from the area as possible. For the Japanese people there was no warning there was only the dust from the dead. You might be thinking that the Japanese didn’t give us a waning when they attacked Pearl Harbor but, that’s not true.

The United States intercepted approximately 83 messages from the Japanese military. The Americans had a vague idea about what was going to happen. The Japanese sent a warning just 30 minutes ahead of their attack on the United States. Whereas, Japan didn’t even know what an atomic bomb was. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were complete blind sides which were not just, even if it was a war. I don’t understand why the United States could not give Japan the same courtesy by warning them ahead of time. Instead three planes flew over both Hiroshima and Nagasaki and BOOM!! Two cities instantly destroyed! A full scale invasion would have been better because then it would at least have given the Japanese military a fighting chance, instead of just blowing up their cities. The Prince of Japan called up the United States Ambassador of Switzerland, Faith Whittlesey, to tell her that Japan surrendered, after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

This plea for peace, made by the Japanese Prince, was made in vain. Three days after Little Man was dropped on Japan, the United States deployed Fat boy on Nagasaki. Two cities wiped out in less than a half a week. If I were in charge there would have been a larger integer of time between the bombings. Thus, Japan’s decisions about whether or not to surrender, could be received by the United States of America in time before another devastating disaster struck Japan. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I believe should not have happened. I feel this way because it was so inhumane, there was not enough publicity about the atomic bombs, and the bombing was dishonorable. What you believe?