United States Constitution

Tyrany can be compared to one of the most harsh’s thing’s to be brought up for law making. The constitutionwas written in the year 1787 over in philidelpia so it could respond to a call for the contitutional convention. The constitution protected the people from tyrany with three braches. Tyrany is a bad goverment that makes bad laws. The constitution protected in many ways fedralism,seperation of powers,checks and balances,and small states versus large states. Fedralism The first guard against tyrany was fedralism, is a power that get’s shared with cental and state goverment.My evidence is the following… ”The different time that each will control each other at the same time it will be controlled it’s self” (SOURCE) (Madison James, fedralists paper #51 1788 Document A). Fedralism protected against tyrany because control and state goverment check on each other to protect people’s right’s. Fedralism guards against tyrany. Seperation of powers The second guard against tyrany is seperation of powers which is the goverment that id divided into the three branches. My evidence is the following…”(L)iberty requires that the three braches great department’s of power should be seprate and distinct. ”(SOURCE)(Madison James, fedralists page #47 Document B). Seperation of powers protects against tyrany because powers could build if you don’t divide them. Checks and Balances The third guard against tyrany is checks and balances which is the three braches. My evidence is the following… ”(The three braches) should not be do far apart, it has to have to have constitutional control over each other.(SOURCE) (Madison James, fedralist paper #51 1788 Document C). Checks and balances protects against tyrany because the three braches should not be to far apart so they can check up, on each other. Small states versus Large states The fourth guard against tyrany ia small states versus large states which is a two house legislative, one house represented population and the other house. My evidence is the following… ”(Represenitives… shall be apotiond… According to… Population…)(Constitution of the united states of america,1787). Small states versus large states protects against tyrany, large states with big population. Because they got more population with lot’s of ower. Small state prefer the senate because everyone is equal in it. All four powers at goverment protected against tyrany. This questions is important because it prevents the goverment can protect our rights and keep everything is good and stable. It’s also important so the goverment can get the four powers and keep tyrany away. ;).