Unit 2 C1 Cache Level 3

Information should only be shared to the necessary people e. g. other teachers, parents, social workers, health visitors head teacher or manger. Information shouldn’t be shared with your friends and family or other children or people it doesn’t concern or to any one out side the setting If confidential information needs to be kept then it must be on a password protected computer or locked away and only the appropriate people can accesses it also it must not be left on the desk for every one to see. Also if the information is not needed anymore and it is on paper it should be shredded.

Working with parents to maintain confidentiality is important to maintain trust and build relation ships. To do this you must not pass information on from one parent about their child. If this doesn’t happen then the parent may not trust you and you won’t have a good relation ship with the parent. The data protection act is an act witch covers information kept on paper and information kept on the computer. The act is relevant to children been observed because practitioners have to write observations and maintain records about the child. Parents should be kept informed about concerns about their child and be welcomed to read their child file.

They should also have accesses to the child’s file but it is inappropriate for a parent to read another child’s record and concerns the practitioner may have with other children. “Parents should be kept informed of any concerns about their child and should also have accesses to and be welcomed to read their Childs file”. (P538 Beaver 2008) A confidentiality policy is the legal requirement which all setting have to have and it should state all the confidentiality policy in practice in that setting. “The nursery will comply with all requirements of the Data Protection Act. ” (http://www2.lse. ac. uk/intranet/LSEServices/nursery/regulations/confidentialityPolicy. aspx)

A confidentiality procedure is the things practitioners have to do to make sure confidentiality is kept e. g. making sure they know were certain documents go and having different passwords for different files with privet information on to their log on password. Personal attitudes and values is about even if you don’t agree with a peace of information a parent gives you cannot complain or talk about it or say no to the parent you must tell the appropriate person and keep those thoughts to your self.