Undefiable governmental aim

From this particular diagram, it is undeniable that the different functions of the criminal justice system could be noted through the undefiable governmental aim of making it possible for the situation of negotiating the victims with their offenders a much more effective process of assisting them in recovering from the said event in the past.

As an agent of security and peace regulating organization, the criminal justice system aims to make it possible for all humans to recover from the possible disagreements that they have been involved with in their process of relating and connecting with their fellowmen. It could not be noted the present system of criminal justice actually tries to adapt to the different innovations that technology offers.

This could obviously be observed through the television programs presented like that of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) whereas they use state of the art gadgets to be able to investigate several points of evidence with regards several cases being solved; Numbers (Use of the Science and Mathematical formulation to be able to solve cases); Bones (A Program that shows using computer-based programs); these programs and others indicate the possible future situation of criminal justice system in the United States.

Today, the most possible suggestion that could be presented is the primary use of robotics in the investigation reports and procedures of the criminal justice. This is in an aim to make the different procedures of investigation faster and more accurate. This is through the use of the computer-based programs that would intend to control the robotics application within the criminal justice system.

The accuracy of the reports are expected to be implying more effective evidence examination during the case hearings. This shall assist in the different processes of criminal justice practices as to how they are supposed to deal with the different issues that they are facing with regards the accuracy of their reports.

Moreover, the said robotics shall also strengthen the recidivism procedure as noted herein as the results of the investigations shall be more accurate so as to show how and why the crime that particular accused individuals committed the said accusations against them. The investigations then becomes more efficient and beneficial on the part of the victims, the accused individuals and the criminal justice system’s reputation in the society as well.