Trends in retailing

Littlewoods and Mirza business is in the tertiary sector. As I have said in report one. There is a huge increase in tertiary sector. This is happening because people in the primary and secondary sectors know that there isn't a demand for the goods. This is due to a lot of importing. From this occurring it means that the majority of people who are leaving the primary and secondary sector are opening their business in the tertiary sector.

Although Mirza newsagents are the two businesses are different. Littlewoods has more than one delivery a week; Mirza only has one delivery a week. This is because more goods get sold at Littlewoods in a day than Mirza sells in a week. Littlewoods has changed a lot over the years as it has gone much bigger. Littlewoods used to only have one store based in the city centre but now it has expanded and has another store based in Coventry City centre. Saying this even Mirza newsagents has expanded, Mirza has now until recently has started to sell alcohol in his store. 

Business activities For Littlewoods their main activity is to make as much profit as possible. By selling all the goods that Littlewoods do it ables to meet this activity.  Identifying the core activity For some businesses they want to do even more or increase their income. Foe example Mirza is a newsagent but has gone on to selling alcohol; this is only aimed at the older generation. Littlewoods sells household goods, clothing, electrical goods. These goods are aimed at all ages. If Littlewoods was to sell alcohol it would mean that older people could only buy it, this will affect Littlewoods, as they may not be a demand for alcohol. 

Changing the core business activity

It is very easy for a tertiary sector business to change their business activity. Therefore the primary and secondary sectors cannot. Because Littlewoods is in the tertiary sector (selling a service to the public).  There are many things that could affect a business like Littlewoods in the tertiary sector. There are things such as TAX. If tax increases it would mean that people would have a less income this will lead to people spending less money in shops like Littlewoods.

It would not affect Mirza as much as Littlewoods. This is because the goods in mire's shop haven't got a huge value unlike Littlewoods. There are also other things that could affect stores such as Littlewoods. Things such as social trends, competitors, and level of spending. There is not much competition for Littlewoods as it based where not other store that sells these goods is. Littlewoods also has good opening hours which means that the customers can visit this store throughout the day. 

Influences on business

Every business should know about the things around them. All business should know about the influences and trends in the sector. Every business including Littlewoods and Mirza needs to change to survive. If a business does not know about the influences and trends in the sector the business is likely not to survive and not be successful. 

Location of a business

It is very important that a shop should locate itself in a good location where there will be a lot of potential customers to earn a lot of revenue. Like Mirza newsagents, very business will look out the location before purchasing premises. E.g. most newsagents are based in local neighbourhood where they know that there are no other shops in site and if a customer was gonna buy from someone's he/she would have to travel by car. Location again is very important for many things such as 

Staff to work in the shop

This means that all the staff should be local. All the staff in Mirza newsagents is local and they all travel by foot. This is good because it is unlikely that the staff will get late because it is not far to travel and they will not get stuck in traffic.


All Littlewoods customers are no locals. The customers that visit the shop are different everyday. I suppose this is good in a way. Meaning that if it was the same customers everyday they wouldn't always buy the same thing more that once. But with different customers coming in everyday they are likely to buy something.

All Mirza newsagents' customers are local. This is very good because all the people from the neighbourhood will be coming into the shop to buy goods that is purchased on a day to day basis such as bread and milk. Because all the customers are local Mirza has got to know them. All the money is paid in cash, this means that no one will get into debt will Mirza. Even if someone does not have the correct amount of money it will mean that the outstanding amount can be made at another time.

Labour supply

It is always good that a company should have staff that is local. This is good because if staff is needed all the company has to do is ring them up and ask them if it is possible for them too work therefore the employee will get to the shop very fast. Littlewoods has to be very careful about who is employed not for their skills but for the location of where their house is. It doesn't matter that much but it is always sensible to employee someone who lies close to the city centres. Because all of Mire's staff is local he never has a problem getting staff in when he wants them. 

Local skills

For Mirza and Littlewoods it is not that important about skills when looking for an employee. If an employee is employed training can be provided afterwards. If there was going to be a specialist shop open it would mean that trained staff is necessary. If you would want to open up a business making pottery it would be sensible that it is opened in the midlands, therefore it would not be that sensible to open it up in the middle of the London city centre this is because London is more known for it financial side and not pottery side. 

Transport links

A large manufacturing company is always careful as to where to open the business, as many angles have to be considered e.g. how the goods will be delivered to the customers, and how the goods will be delivered to the store. That is why a lot of the large organisations have stores on the motorway this is so that the goods can be distributed independently. For my sole trader business it doesn't really matter about transport links, Littlewoods and Mirza has good access to the city centre, this is good as most of the goods are delivered from the city centre. Although Mirza also makes regular trips to the cash and carry, which are based in the city centre.


Although the two businesses are in the tertiary sector the two businesses do have differences. Mirza newsagents is a very small business and it is not a nation-wide business therefore Littlewoods Ltd is. Both of the companies are family run businesses and members of the public do not have shares. Both of the companies sell goods and do not offer a service, but both of the companies sell different things.

The customer's influence on the business is yet the same. Because Littlewoods Ltd is a large company the store doesn't know the customers as much as Mirza newsagents. If Mirza newsagent loses a customer they will be affected a lot as the only customers that go in are regulars, but if Littlewoods loses a customer they will not notice as hundreds of customers visits the stores a day.