Toyota Motor Corporation’s the Prius Project

1.What buyer value is created with the hybrid powertrain as implemented in the Prius?

The value of the buyer is basicallyenvironment protection,cost-effective,fuel economicalThe consumers also demand for a larger, powerful, spacious and family-welcomed vehicle.

2.How attractive is the automobile industry?

Does the hybrid powertrain technology make the industry more or less attractive? Why? The automobile is very attractive due to the development of leaving standards, the demand for automobiles are rapidly increased. The United dtated was the largest motional market with about 9m new registrations, followed by Japan with over 4 M registrations at 1994. Besides, the introduction of new technologies has improved the improvement of the industry, and that also pushed the demand for vehicles. The competition inside the industry has become more and more fierce.

At the same time, more and more companies and people want to get into the market as well. The hybrid power train technology has definitely made the industry more attractive. Because to the whole industry, the new technology means both opportunities and challenges to them. On one hand, it provides a whole new vista for automobile market, other companies will come up with new ideas or strategies to bring new energy to the vehicles and make hybrid cars. On the other hand, since the technology was not that mature in the industry, companies should work harder on that to adjust or change their products to improve the skills and technology.

3.Why is Toyota pursuing the Prius Project? What factors are important to make this project a success?

Toyota pursuing the pruis project to Show the company commitment to the environmental protection Generate excitement about the company products and innovation capacities that had been missing for many years. To make this project success

The improvement of the hybrid powertrain technology should be done immediately, especially the improvement of performance of the batteries and to get ready for mass production

They should also consider the strategies that can compete with other automobile companies, including the design, distribution in domestics and international market.

4.Should Okuda push for an acceleration of the Prius launch?

I don’t think Okuda should push for an acceleration of the Prius launch. Because launching a new car is a tough process, particularly, it’s a car with hybrid trainpower technology.

Acceptance in the marketplace would depend on the reliability of the new vehicle and the perceived risk associated with a new technology. If there is a technological problem, the issue would not be limited to the particular model; it could seriously damage the reputation of the Toyota brand. I think before the launch, the company should take enough amount of time to do market survey, design the new marketing strategies and improve the hybrid technology.