Toyota Motor Corp.

Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. It produces passenger cars, buses, sport utility vehicles (SUV’s), trucks, vans, and automobile parts. (Winfield, Barry. )Works provided funds for the development and test-building of its first automobiles. In 1950, the company had its one and only strike; management and labor came to a common principle of trust and dependence that is still present to this day.

During the 1950s, the establishment started the “Toyota Production System”. This system is the main reason in the decline of inventories and defects in the plants of Toyota and its suppliers. The company not only manufactures cars, but it as a global network of facilities for “research and development” embracing the three major car markets, Japan, North America and Europe . Today, Toyota is one of the world’s top three largest manufacturers of automobiles in unit sales and in net sales.

It is a global company that has a strong position in 170 countries worldwide (Business Teacher) but they emphasize their focus on Japan, North America and Europe. It has 316,121 employees all over the world. The automaker has a reputation for manufacturing safe and reliable cars. As it was said by the Global Insight analyst Thomas Ryard “Toyota’s reputation for mechanical reliability and component quality is second to none” .

It has also built a name for its self both with its Lexus and Toyota products on quality and efficiency; this reputation has gained good reviews from consumer reports and J. D. Power. The manufacturer has a vast scope and delves into many parts of the automobile industry. Toyota primarily manufactures cars but it also researches and develops new technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of their cars. The establishment also provides all of their car parts and accessories for cars for just the luxury of the customer. It also

makes motorsports cars for racers. This shows that Toyota is not just a simple car manufacturer that makes cars for the normal consumer but it also does it for specific markets and is at the top of the innovation in the automaker industry. The company has many products that span from small compact cars to the SUVs. All the products follow a general guideline if efficiency and quality. Its most well known products are the Corolla, the Camry, the Yaris and the Prius. Most of those automobiles have won awards or excellent reviews.