Total Quality Management Essay Sample

General Electric (GE) is one of world class company which is so concern and has high level quality awareness, all components in the company are care about the results of precision manufacture operation and also high performance products so that customer never worried using GE products.

As effort in improve customer focus, GE invest million Dollars to perceive customer responses, its look like as business opportunity by GE. Making The Company’s Answer Center at Louisville (USA), they ready to receive any questions, information and complaints from all of their customers or others all over the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, non stop.

From 1500 calling which come everyday, it helps GE to know customer level of satisfaction and raising customer who choose to use GE products. Computer data in Answer Center Company records more than 650.000 responses of many questions, so make customer representatives easier to explain in detail and satisfy, as easy as push the keyboard.

GE has very sharp eye that doing invest in customer frequently ask question management system as important as invest in improve production capacity, technology and human resources. By high and neat communication quality with customers, it makes employees easier in translate and give the best contribution to GE success.

GE do simplification in the complex business things, by build Answer Center Company, also maintain company human resource development in better level, so for this activity –which held all over the world by GE– every year almost one billion Dollar invest to conduct education program and training. Obviously the result are could measure from increasing in leadership capability; make an opportunity and penetration of all employee toward interaction in community along with raise to higher quality level of customers satisfaction.

Concerning in human resources quality development programs, GE realize that are the triumph gate to optimize self potential, so that increasingly benefit of employee existence, in last raise the contribution to growth and develop with GE corporate.

Focus on Customer, Total Participation and Continuous Improvement which are implement in General Electric in order to apply TQM as a work culture in world Class Company.

Keywords: customer focus, employee contribution, quality improvement, work culture