Tort Reform

Tort reform is a group of ideas and laws designed to change the way our civil justice system works. It’s designed to make it more difficult for injured people to file a lawsuit, make it more difficult for injured people to obtain a jury trial, and to place limits on the amount of money injured people receive in a lawsuit. In my opinion it’s just all a load of crap that takes a dump on our already sketchy legal system. It takes the rights of the people out of court, and replaces it with laws that favor those at fault versus the victims.

The hot coffee case, when you see what happened to the old woman and how McDonalds had hundreds of complaints and hundreds of burns because they kept the coffee at a temp that was capable of giving third degree burns in seconds. It makes me wonder exactly why so much advertising went in to bagging on this old woman. If a company knows there is a serious defect in their product capable of injuring people and puts it on the market anyway without informing the public, they ought to be sued. Tort reform can do nothing but hurt the average person in America who has suffered an injury due to the negligence of another.

There are thousands of cases of experiences where babies have suffered brain injury due to medical negligence, workers have lost limbs because of faulty machinery, construction injury occurs as the result of defective equipment, and spinal injury has occurred due to faulty seat belts or defective tires. I could really go on and on with more stories about badly injured consumers who are forced to shoulder the high costs of medical mistakes in order to provide cheaper malpractice insurance for doctors who have made such medical errors. This would sadly take all day, which is hard to believe that this has gone so far. To me it just doesn’t seem right it makes the average American second guess there trip to the doctor or even just to get a cup of coffee. I like to feel safe, and Tort reform does not make me feel safe.