The Toronto Sun and Caribana Ivey Case

In terms of skills, Morrison has displayed effective time management and organization by managing multiple projects at the same time. Her cross-functional work experience has allowed her to build on those skills and develop strong coordination and communication skills. Her request to review her strategy with her manager shows that she has the discipline to understand that project success requires the cooperation of key stakeholders. This shows that her potential as a good project manager is strong as she is able to communicate with others in the organization.

She is also able to prioritize as she sees the long term and short term objectives of the project, and understands the risks of missing deadlines. Although she has identified all the objectives that need to be met in order to accomplish the project on time, she feels that the time she has to operate is insufficient; possibly showing a lack of confidence in her implementation abilities. From her past experience, she may be subject to micromanaging, which could result in her losing broad vision.

Based on the information in the case, can you determine what kind of organization structure the Toronto Sun has? What impact do you think this will have on this project? (5 marks) Toronto Sun exhibits a functional organization structure. The project manager is an expert in her field within the Promotions Department, but coordinates tasks across multiple functional units (such as Design, Human Resources, Legal, etc. ), as opposed to having a team to directly manage. The impact of such as structure on this project is two folds: advantageous or disadvantageous.

Some of the advantages are that there are no major changes within the organization required in terms of functional structure. This structure allows for flexibility to use staff from different functional units who have in-depth expertise in their field. Finally, post project transition is smooth as she will go back to her job once the project is finished. On the other hand, the project may take longer, which is attributed to the slow response time of normal management channels.

There’s a lack of focus and poor integration from other departments whose priorities are determined differently. For example, having a designer on the team and Samantha having the final say would have saved days of wait and potential rework of a design. If needed you may draw by hand or use different software and attach the diagram to the assignment. See Attachment Questions 6. What is the project start date? What is the most likely project end date? Can the float be completed on time? (20 marks) Project Start Date is Thursday, June 05, 2008.

Project Latest Finish Date is: August 6, 2008. However, we do believe that the float could be completed on time since this is the worst case scenario assessment accounted for. As outlined below, a few activities within the Critical Path can be better controlled, thus reducing lag time. For example, limiting Morrison’s ID49: Brainstorming Entertainment Ideas to a maximum of 3 days (thus saving 4 days) will ensure that the project is completed on time. | 7. What will be Morrison's largest challenges and potential problems? How can these be overcome?

(5 marks) The main issue starts with the potential delays, of up to 7 business days, in redrafting the design (ID14: Final Design Reviewed). In addition, ID15: Approval from Presso is a Burst Activity within the start of a Critical path. Other challenges stem from a number of activities, within the critical path, which have large variation in lag time:-ID 49: Brainstorm Entertainment Ideas: 3 – 7 days (lag: 4 days)-ID 50: Contacting Potential Entertainers 2 – 4 weeks (lag: 10 business days)-ID 54: Obtaining Crowd Giveaways 2 – 3 weeks (lag: 5 business days)These 3 tasks alone account for 19 days of lag time.

Controlling and subtracting those 19 days would set the project finish date well before the 5PM, August 1, 2008 deadline. Spending less time on those 3 activities would still deliver acceptable results. Morrison should potentially sacrifice the quality of those 3 activities in order to gain time. She should keep focus on the project objective: to enable Toronto Sun to have a presence at the Caribana Festival.