Top 10 Law Schools in the U.S.

After college education, a painstaking preparation for LSAT and, possibly, some additional activity, it is time to choose a law school, which will provide you with all the necessary skills to become a successful lawyer. Your future job depends on its prestige and the level of training, which is offered to the students. It is critical to take into account all the positive aspects and carefully weigh the pros and cons while choosing an educational institution. All the applicants have heard about the best universities and know how much should be done to become their student, but what are their advantages except a well-known name? We have created a list of the best law schools in USA, where all their benefits are considered in details.

1. Yale University

Do not expect to get to Yale University easily, even if you have a high LSAT score. Your GPA also has to be very good, and take care of your legal experience and good recommendation letter. However, all these requirements are worth studying here. Competition is very acute due to the total number of students and the first place among top law schools in US. Students can experience the work of a lawyer since the first year of study, participate in real court trials and defend the interests of an injured party. After disorder in the 1960s, students do not receive grades during the first term; subsequently, they are graded only by honors, pass, low pass, credit or failure.

2. Stanford University

Those who pursue a traditional J.D. have the opportunity to choose a course from the wide range of available ones for the second year of study, thus controlling their education independently. This university launched the practice of real legal proceedings, where students get their first experience as lawyers. Clinics with training tools were created for this, and now Stanford has ten such clinics. In addition to this, there are more than 50 organizations and ten journals, in which students can be involved. They also can explore picturesque surroundings or go for a walk on the beaches, which are half an hour’s drive from the university building.

3. Harvard University

Many of the world-famous personalities have graduated from this one of the best law schools in the World. It emphasizes practical training of the students. The freshmen deal with small legal cases, and subsequently, they are allowed to practice the law in HLS clinics. Alumni have experienced no less than free of charge 40 hours of assistance to charitable, state or non-profit institutions. Harvard has the same evaluation system as Yale; there are a distinction of honors, pass, low pass or fail instead of standard scores. The university is also famous for its loyal attitude to students’ debt payments. Graduates can use Low Income Protection Plan if their salaries are not high enough to repay the loan.

4. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago has a unique shortened quarter schedule, so the school year begins at the end of September and concludes in the middle of June; often this fact becomes crucial for applicants who want to have more time for vacations or work. One more positive feature of Chicago law school is that students can get joint business or public policy master’s degree. Chicago Law School has an advantageous location, which opens up many job opportunities; it offers an International Human Rights Internship Program for students from foreign countries.

5. Columbia University

This University provides many ways of development. Students of Columbia Law School do not have to be limited to only one law degree; they have an opportunity to get masters or doctoral degree with programs at other schools of the University. Furthermore, it is possible to choose elective courses even in the first year of study. Law students who are involved in judicial or teaching activity can use special auxiliary programs. The school also provides the opportunity to study in more than ten foreign countries and get a degree being abroad. Some specific issues, such as global legal transformation, are explored in 30 centers on campus.

6. New York University

The curriculum focuses both on the study of theoretical foundations and the development of practical skills; it offers a variety of training and preparatory courses, externship, and clinics for practicing. NYL have exchange programs, which gives the possibility to choose the school among 15 that are located all around the world. A Distinguished feature of the University is high employment rate. 97,7% of the graduates are provided with a job, while the average index is 85,9%. In addition, NYL has the first place among top 10 law schools which alumni are employed in positions where bar passage is required; this indicates that they take full advantage of the received degree.

7. University of Pennsylvania

This law school encourages the exchange of experience and interaction between universities; it gives students an opportunity to attend elective courses of other educational institutions. It is housed in several buildings of the campus, which allows quick trips to other schools. Here you can also get an additional degree, studying only for three years for J.D. During that time, students must complete 70 hours of unpaid assistance to non-profit organizations; they also have the opportunity to spend free time in clinics, improving their skills while consideration of real lawsuits. Penn Law also offers participation in more than 100 student organizations and cross-disciplinary slant.

8. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The school year in this University begins in the summer. The special program of early education Summer Start provides students with flexibility in choosing further courses, thus allowing them to manage their academic careers. You can get a dual degree, combining Law with Business Administration, Natural Resources, or Japanese Studies, as well, it is possible to spend a semester abroad. The school has its hockey team, rock climbing group, more than 50 student organizations and five academic publications for students to publish their own works.

9. University of Virginia

The law school is included to the top ten every year. All the applicants should know about strict rules of this institution before entering. Students swear not to lie, cheat and steal. If anyone is suspected of rules violation and peer jury finds him or her guilty, the infringer will be expelled. A particular feature of the school is a low animal program, obtained due to the donation of $1 million from Bob Baker, an animal rights advocate. Third and second-year law students can study abroad; as well, University of Virginia offers an exchange program with New Zealand, Germany, Israel, and England.

10. Duke University

This University has a special philosophy that views education not only as an integral factor in personal development but also as a way to improve society. The law school is guided by the Duke Law Blueprint, in accordance to which such qualities as leadership, integrity, and professionalism are key for their alumni. The University has more than ten advanced legal clinics for acquiring practical skills; as well, a dozen of legal centers cooperates with the University, so students also can get there additional experience. Even freshmen have to complete no less than 50 hours of non-profit legal work. Duke Law School offers dual degrees in addition to the traditional Juris Doctor.