To Carried Out on Only Rape Victims

One of the main issues we face in terms of morality is the differing world views. There are general ones we all subject ourselves to but mostly we find some conflicting morals. Morals may be defined as conduct and norms of a given society, defining for themselves what is good and bad. Morals differ from society to society, country to country even amongst the sexes. There is no, in my opinion standardized form of morals defined for the entire human race and hence must be accepted and lived by. Many people believe abortion to be immoral an unacceptable behavior particularly by the religious groups who preach regarding the immorality of abortion and sadly our society and most of it members have custom-made to such a thought. I find nothing wrong therewith in my personal view and I totally disagree to its limitations to solely victims of rape.

Let us take for instance, a lady who offers her consent to be carnally known by a man, she has not been violated in any way thereof, however a man who takes carnal knowledge of a woman without her consent is rape, which is prohibited and a violation of her right. Within the same lightweight once she has sex, get pregnant and is consenting to the pregnancy, it is her pregnancy and therefor no right of hers has been violated. But when she gets pregnant and is not consenting to the pregnancy it then becomes a violation of her body and should have both the moral and legal right to terminate it. Consent to sex does not mean consent to pregnancy and again consenting to pregnancy is not consent to remaining pregnant.

Having a baby is not just about gestation and delivery, your body changes, women have their blood pressure going up losing their life, some become paralyzed, self-esteem is lost, your entire being goes through major changes, and so pregnancy is not a minor task that should be forced on a woman. In that we should just assume it is a blessing hence limit abortion to only rape victims?

Giving the chance to abort an unwanted pregnancy through rape and not an unwanted pregnancy through either incest or any other reason best known to the female is unfair. The point is, in both circumstances the woman is not consenting to the pregnancy so why legalize one part and leave the other. The society and the religious groups where our morals stern from do so many things that may be considered immoral, such as jihad, yet it is seen as morally right by others.

I do not suppose any moral argument goes to be affected, because I believe strongly abortion is not immoral in the first place. If you going to prohibit abortion plow ahead and bang in its totality. Do not decriminalize one aspect and forget the other, reason being one is intended and the other unintended. They are both actually unintended pregnancies, which has not the woman’s concern.