Time and Cost Estimates

I am recommending that Momma Jeans consider the implementation of a database and other necessary software to streamline their current processes. This would also entail the purchase of necessary computers as well as the networking infrastructure needed to create a method for all to access the database.

In the case of the installation of the new software, the staff at the clinic would need to be trained for the use of the new system. There should be tutorials given to ensure that everyone knows how to access and feed information into the database. Access to such technology would only help the clinic prosper further in their business and possibly reduce the workload for the staff working there.

Time and Cost Estimates

It is estimated that amount of time needed to automate many of Momma Jeans Restaurant functions would be 3 weeks. Two weeks of which would include Charles Webb completing the systems analysis and the final week would be spent installing software and training staff. It is estimated that the cost would be $15,000.

If the restaurant decides not to change their current business process within the next quarter, I expect them to lose about $8,000 due to rework in time spent creating and filing new food and beverage recipes, staff overtime pay, and ordering more supplies. The company has reported errors in its day-to-day business, and these errors are potentially very costly to the company, costly enough that a $15,000 investment should be viewed as a viable option. Hopefully, with the new system, improved employee productivity and fewer errors will offset the costs in the system. 

Expected Benefits

The expected benefits from this project will far outweigh the costs. The measurement of the benefits of Information Systems is possible if the analysis is focused on the intended goals of the system and starts from its immediate operational environment, gradually building up the more indirect effects (Wiseman, 1992).

Once an information system has been developed and implemented for Momma Jeans Restaurant, one can expect to see a greater efficiency in all its business process. For example, Mike Godwin would save time searching for, updating, and creating food and beverage recipes, and accounting for inventory. Greg Freed would find that financial transactions would also be done automatically with fewer errors.

This would also reduce costs, resulting in great performance. Mark Dove would be able to accurately find needed ingredients when planning food and drink beverages, and spend less time performing inventory. Along with the improvement of business processes occurring faster, customer service will also improve as well because patients they will be getting faster, better, and more reliable service. Staff will be very pleased with the new system, because they will feel confident their customers would get their order in a timely manner, and accurately. Once all installation and training is complete, Momma Jeans Restaurant will experience a faster, more efficient workplace. 

Appendix Systems Analysis Phase

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. List of Personnel to Interview at Momma Jeans Restaurant 3. Interview Objectives 4. Proposed Interview Questions for Staff 5. Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) For Momma Jeans Restaurant 1. Introduction

As the systems analyst assigned to work with Momma Jeans Restaurant to develop a plan for providing computerization to the business, specific tasks must be accomplished in order to reach the desired goal. The next phase of the analysis will require the cooperation of selected staff members. I have decided to perform interviews on an individual basis rather than as a group, as this will help me gain a better understanding of job specific functions that each performs.

This will also afford an opportunity for me to blend in with staff in hopes of making them feel comfortable and this will in-turn lead to a more open discussion about the current business practices.The entity-relationship diagram is a graphical model of the information systems that depicts the relationships among system entities at Momma Jeans Restaurant.

System Design Introduction 

The purpose of systems design is to create a blueprint for the new system that will satisfy all documented requirements, whether the system is being developed in-house or purchased as a package (Cashman, 2001). This report will be used to identify and describe in detail the System Design phase of the project. This report includes a project description, related documents, a system overview, design descriptions, file structure and data descriptions, and a section on interface design.