Themes of injustice and unfairness

Refer to chapter 20 and other episodes in the novel to show how the themes of injustice and unfairness- of – life are important to Mary Shelly. In chapter 20 Victor experience's injustice when the Victor is on the boat and arrives in Ireland, he is greeted but then accused of the murder of a man who died the previous night. He is totally rejected by the villagers and sent to prison. It is then that we find out that the man murdered is he best friend Henry Clerval by the monster and has framed Victor. This reflects how the monster has been feeling throughout his life so far and gives Victor an insight into how it feels to be lonely.

Justine Moritz She enters the Frankenstein family because her father died of whom she was the favourite of, her mother a widow to four children, rejected her. She was then asked to live with the Frankenstein family but became very ill, at the same one by one her brothers and sister died, and her mother was left childless except for Justine her rejected daughter. She was then called home where her mother begged for her forgiveness but sometimes accused her of causing the deaths. When the first sight of winter approached however her mother died and was sent back to live with the Frankenstein's.

At the death of William, Justine was accused guilty for she was found to have on her the necklace with a picture of their mother, which was presented to William. All the evidence pointed towards Justine, but Elizabeth believed in her innocence. Justine was sent to court and trailed. In her defence she said ' I am only left to conjecture concerning the probability by which it might have been placed in my pocket' no one believed who else could have put it there and she was killed. The monster As soon as he is created he is isolated from society because of the way he looks.

His first experience of rejection and isolation from another human was when the monster saw a small hut with a Shepard in on his travels to Geneva, he entered and saw an old man sat in it near the fire, he turned around on hearing the monster enter and shrieked loudly as soon as he saw the appearance of him. This was of advantage to the monster at this point because he was hungry but we later see with the De Lacey family he is hurt when he is rejected by them because he has studied them for such a long time and produced feelings towards them he becomes to realise he is on his own.

At this point he asks his creator to make him a female version of himself because he has realised how important it is to be loved by someone and wanted, but after much discussion between Victor and the monster victor doesn't obey to his demand. Victor He suffers from unfairness in the novel a great deal. At first we see a happy man with a lot of family and friends around him, mother, father, Elizabeth, William, Justine and Clerval. However one by one in the novel we see them die, his mother through illness when he was about to depart for his studies.

William through murder, which we later find out, is by the monster. Justine because she is accused of the murder to William, and killed herself. Elizabeth is murdered by the monster on hers and victors wedding night in their room, and victor's father through old age and sadness. Victor suffers a great deal at what was suppose to be a great discovery when studying in Ingolstadt and after a lot of hard work and effort produces this creature, who as soon is born he despises of and rejects because of its ugliness.

Henry Clerval Plays a little but important part in the novel, he is always seen as a good friend towards Victor which is why it seems unfair that he should be killed by the monster just to frame Victor. Clerval always supported and helped victor when he was ill and depressed, It seems that William, Justine, Clerval and Elizabeth all suffer great unfairness in this novel because they are all killed or murder buy the monster because of the rejection he has faced by his creator Victor.