Theft and corruption

In the modern days, there are very many threats that face individuals, companies, institutions, businesses, organizations and even countries. These threats may be in form of security threats, internal fraud, potential risks, brand protection, theft and corruption among other threats. These threats may be beyond the control of the involved parties or their cause or source may not be very clear. It is therefore necessary to have investigations carried out so as to meet the investigative requirements of these threats.

It is for this reason that many companies and investigation agencies have been established in both the private sector and by the governments. Governments and individuals are not usually able to deal with their investigative needs, especially due to the logistics involved. Some of the prime suspects of the complexities within the investigations are closely connected to any investigative procedures attempted internally rendering such efforts unbearable. However, most individuals, organizations and governments prefer the use of external agencies to undertake any investigative activities. (Shearman, 2010)

In Latin America, there are many investigative requirements by different parties and there are many agencies that are ready to offer investigative services to those in such needs. Some of the parties in need of such services are the European and US based companies based in Latin America which experience a lot of issues that require the services. The companies usually have two options from which to choose for the agencies that will provide them with the services: • Investigation Agencies with physical offices and employees in countries in Latin America where the said companies have divisions located

• US Investigation Agencies that outsource the work to non-US local based affiliate based in the said country There is a preference to consider the first category of agencies for investigations, those that have physical offices and employees in the said countries, as opposed to those that have to outsource the investigative activities to affiliate agencies. This is because such agencies have a lot of benefits that are not present in the other agencies with no offices. Benefits of the Agencies Physically Present in the Place of Investigation

There are many advantages that would cause a European or US-based company to hire an American agency that is physically present in the country where the services are required. First, such a company allows easy correspondence to the clients since it is conducting the investigations first-hand. This implies that the company can get quich answers and respondence to any matters of attention from the agency and hence be feel more confident and secure while the investigations are going on compared to a company that has outsourced the assignment and would have to first consult the affiliate agency.

(Shearman, 2010) The company with physical presence in the country where investigations are taking place and having employees on the ground in such a place also assures professionalism, experience and expertise in the investigations. A client is assured that those involved in the investigations have enough knowledge of the country and the policies that exist in such an environment. They can easily be able to unearth issues and find solutions since they know how things run in the place and how best to approach any issues at hand.

However, one may not be very sure that an affiliate agency to a US-based investigation agency has such crucial experiences and skills that are necessary in any investigation. A company that is physically present in a country is also bound to ensure more privacy and conpfidentiality to its clients than a company that has to outsource the work. Such a company would ensure that an investigation is carried out by just few specific personnel, instead of many people handling the investigations.

Also, the results of an investigation are only known to a few, who are legally entitled to the information. This hence ensures security and confidentiality of an investigation increasing the satisfaction of the clients as well as ensuring protection of the suspects from illegal harm. Challenges to physically Present Agencies Physically present agencies are faced with a few challenges. The main one is that the personnel assigned to an investigation may be having links to any suspects leading to leakage of information and ultimately interference with the investigation.

Conclusions Companies from the US and Europe with divisions in Latin America should employ the services of companies that are physically present in the country of interest. This will aid in successful confidential and satisfactory investigations that will maintain the integrity of both the company and the investigation agency. References Shearman (2010). Internal Investigations and Foreign Data Protection Laws. Accessed from the Shearman. Com website on July 12, 2010. http://www. shearman.

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