Should Pornography on the Internet Be Regulated?

We cannot roll around in the mud without getting dirty. The same is true when we make it a habit to expose ourselves in filthy things more often that we get degraded. The evils of pornography on the Internet alarmed the people who are members of religious groups, social welfare and development personnel as well as parents who are so much concerned with the future of their children. This is because they knew that pornography is not good for the human race. Thus, as main argument of this paper, it is humbly and respectfully submitted that pornography is a reflection of

immorality and it is an assault on our humanity generally. A question may be asked, how can any man indulge himself in the dirt of pornography, profanity, or vulgarity and consider himself totally moral? No man can ever say that he is morally upright when he exposes himself to pornography in the Internet. This fact can be reflected in an article written by Hudson where she basically stated that feminists were aware on the fact that all sexuality as an expression of male violence or every form of it is inherently a circumstance of domination and control of the female by the male (Hudson 72).

Any man who uses the Internet to search for pornographic materials that can be utilized to degrade women is not sane and is emotionally immature. Therefore, pornography on the Internet must be regulated completely. It may be difficult to abolish the same all at once, an effort to regulate internet pornograhy will suffice. But before anything else, we should know that this topic is very relevant especially in the present time. Many people are afraid of the spread of the evil called pornography in the Internet. The topic is chosen here because it touches some issues that makes up our society.

The strength of our society is founded on the morality of the people. It has something to do with the strength of each family that comprises it. The society is a reflection of the good or wrongful deeds of the people. Meaning, if the people are mostly immoral, the society will also dwindle in filthiness and chaos. Eventually humanity will be degraded to the highest extent. Rape and sexual violence will most likely be considered as a normal thing to happen. On the other hand, if the people are mostly moral, there will be less problem that will occur. I have so many questions about the topic though.

I was thinking on why the government allowed pornography to appear in the Internet. Humanity itself is what makes up the government, and every means of preserving it, is vital. I want to know why there are so many young people who are lured into this evil deeds through pornographic materials. How did their parents magnified their roles to care, rear, protect and love their children at all times? Maybe, parents should be reminded of their responsibilities to guide their children in using the Internet. I planned to search all write-ups in religious materials that tackles the issue.

Well, it is not new to us that religious people value morality so much. And pornography is a reflection of immorality, so that they work hard to combat the same. I will also analyze articles in periodicals that attacks the presence of pornography in the Internet. With that, valuable articles that are posted in the Internet are also sources of information in this paper. Should Pornography on the Internet Be Regulated? Hudson believed that pornograhy became more widespread by means of a cultural phenomenon wherein sexual revolution on liberating society from inhibition about sexuality and

encouraged sexual exploration occurred (Hudson 72). Aside from that, Hudson also shared the fact that pornography is a $7billion a year industry (Hudson). That includes a large amount of money which is pleasing for businessmen. There are two major arguments that support the necessity to regulate pornography in the Internet. The first argument is that surfing the Internet to find pornographic materials may draw us into that which, if pursued, can destroy our marriage, our homes, and even our lives. Second argument is that, pornography has negative effect on our lives and it has a definite relationship to

crime. Effects of Pornography to Marriage The family is considered to be the basic unit of society. Anything that will erode the strength that binds families will affect the future of every person and the society as a whole. One thing that can destroy family relationships is pornography (Hinckley 265). Hinckley defines this phenomena as: Pornography, flirtations, and unwholesome fantasies erode one’s character and strike at the foundation of a happy marriage. The erosion of one’s character will make a person unable to fulfil his responsibilities that will contribute to a happy family life.

(265) There are uncompromising situations that happened as a result of pornograhy. These situations may include cases of rape, unwanted teenage pregnancy, and worst death as a result of these crimes. Husbands will most likely engage into flirting with other women just to satisfy their sexual needs that has been stimulated by internet pornography. If this will happen in a family setting, the erring spouse may be caught by the innocent spouse. Then, adultery will possibly happen when one of the spouses is lured with the evils of pornography. It is important that members

of the family especially parents that they should trust each other. Any acts of participating in search and use of pornographic materials will affect the said trust between married couples. The injured party will most likely show violent reactions that will enrage the other party thereby causing major disagreements. As a result, separation that will lead to divorce will happen among families. In addition to that, pornography is especially dangerous and addictive since it can pollute the mind (Hinckley 266). The curiosity of a person will lead him to explore on different Internet sites

that shows pornographic materials. If the said act will be continuously done, it will become a controlling habit leading to marital cheating. What is alarming is that, good people can become infested with this material and it can have terrifying destructive consequences in life. Pornography will also lead to child and spouse abuse. When parents will disagree on some matters out of addiction to pornographic materials, they will tend to forget their basic responsibilities to care for their children. With that, there will be many cases of child molestation and sexual perversion within the family.

When a parent is highly exposed to pornographic materials, he will become addicted to it (Hinckley 266). As a result, it will dull his senses and will make him or her more and more addicted to the said evil deed (Hinckley 266). That will eventually desensitized the said parent and will make him or her unable to react in a normal, sensitive, caring and responsible manner particularly in the home and family. The cases of dysfunctional homes are caused by the inability of parents to exercise their duties and responsibilities in the family (Hinckley 268). When any of the spouses can commit

adultery it is possible that they will get divorced leaving the children behind. Lack of proper parental care and guidance will make the children delinquents. That will add to the problems in the society. That will result to overcrowding in prison cells. That will eventually transform the society into a chaotic place to live. Manning testified that the Internet transformed the job of being a parent in the United States of America (Manning 2). The Internet brought all kinds of evil things in the guise of attractive information and research. What we should know is that the Internet has become an easy access of

highly effective and profitable means of providing sexually explicit material, as well as a sophisticated channel for compulsive sexual behaviour, sex, trafficking and sex crime (Manning 2). There are also reports that online presence of pornographic materials also constitutes a hidden public health hazard (Manning 2). All these things affects family members, thus it is important that we should protect families against any outside intrusion. Moreover, we should protect our young people from any destruction due to internet pornography. It is admitted that adolescents and even children have access to it thereby making them

easy prey of the evil thing. The curious minds of these young children will serve as the contributing factors why they access to internet pornography without the knowledge of their parents. Definite Relationship of Pornography to Crime It is also recommended that we should not tolerate pornography (Manning 2). The entire population must be informed of the dangers of the said problem, if that would be possible. There will be more problems to come if the same will continue to haunt the society. We know that Internet pornography is a garbage that should be discarded and eliminated

outside the social system. We cannot afford to live in a world that is full of filthiness and evil machinations. Each one of us has the responsibility to fight for our rights to have a peaceful, harmonious and a decent place to live. Why do we have to do this? Because we are aware that pornography has negative effect on our lives and that it has a definite relationship to crime (Manning 2). It has been said that pornography can become psychologically addictive and perhaps at the most slightly physically addictive (“Pornography and Sex Addictions”). With that, there are crimes

that has been committed by offenders due to pornography. These crimes may include and is related to child pornography, abortion, murder, robbery, rape, prostitution and other lewd and obscene crimes. In relation to that, Janis Wolak and her companions made a research Internet sex crimes and they reported that the Internet and computers have come to play an increasing role in sex crimes that are committed against children and youth (Wolak 2). In fact, there are lesser dismissals and acquittals for Internet sex crimes against minors than for conventional child-sexual-abuse

prosecutions (Wolak 2). These evidences could prove that there is an increasing crime rate with respect to internet-related crimes. We need to check on this properly and be aware of its effects to the society so that we can be prepared for future purposes. Conclusion It is still humbly submitted that internet pornography must be eradicated in the social system. There nothing wrong with the increasing need of the internet of our daily needs. What is totally wrong is when it is used as a tool for destructing other personal lives out of personal interests.

The Internet pornography must be out of the social system because as explained earlier it will eventually affect family relationships which could lead to the production of dysfunctional homes (Hinckey 256). If there will be increasing number of broken homes in the society, there will be an increase of delinquent children. These young children may become addicted to pornography because there are no parents to supervise them. These young people will neglect school and educational activities. As a result, they can find more time to take access in the Internet and get emotional and physical satisfaction through pornographic materials.

One thing that we could not allow to happen is the increase of crime rate relating to sex crimes. The crime of rape is even unacceptable and it should be prevented. According to Peters, in his interview of Pierce, pornography in whatever form is enough stimulation to the criminal’s mind (Peters 1). It will surely create fantasy in the mind of the criminal that will enable him or her to commit violent sex crimes. As being explained earlier, the mind should not be stimulated by filthy thoughts. Peters said in his collection of interviews that fantasy plays a major role in any person’s sexual behaviour (Peters 1).

Whatever is in the mind lingers and be translated into reality. That is where violent and sadistic crimes are committed. Moreover, it is proper for the legislators to enact laws that protect family members and the society as a whole from the evils of pornography. The government must see to it that Internet pornography is being stopped. In this way, we can be sure that we can have a brighter, progressive and peaceful tomorrow. Finally, if the family will become dysfunctional due to the use of pornograhpic materials from the Internet , children will be affected thereby affecting their future.

Broken homes will surely double its number. In addition to that, if women, who were considered as the vessels of humanity, will be degraded by men, humanity in its entirety is in danger. Thereofre, internet pornography is a reflection of immorality and it is an assault on our humanity generally. Works Cited Hinckley, Gordon. Eternal Marriage: Topic on Pornography. United States: Intellectual Reserve Inc. , 2003. Manning, Jill. “The Impact of Internet Pornography on Marriage and the Family: A Review of the Research”. 10 November 2005. Committee on Judiciary United States of America. 29 April 2008 <http://www.

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