The upholding of American democracy and participating

Women in general have always been dominated whether it is the right to vote or participate in nation building processes. But women time and again have shown that provided with freedom of expression and allowed to uptake their beliefs they too can help in the nation building process. Victories in the civil rights movements is what allowed the undue subjugation of the African Americans to come to an end and for the Minorities to be accorded a leading role in the development of one of the greatest economies of the world .

Alice Paul (Vicki L, pg 119) has said,” I always feel the movement is a sort of a mosaic, each of us puts in a little stone and then you get a great mosaic at the end. ” This has ensued a new vigor and spark in the lives of millions of African Americans who are now utilizing their utmost potential in the upholding of American democracy and participating in the nation building activities , rather than focusing on their own survival .

Along with men women have proved through this struggle that this was their war as well, and if subjugated unnecessarily they would rise to the occasion and would not only help their male counterparts but would also show them the true meaning of leading from the front. While speaking of American civil rights movement it would be unfair not to discuss the role of the Chicano movement. (Thomas Swell. , 38) Chicano Movement which is also called as the American Mexican Civil rights movement, which resulted from the subjugation of the Mexicans living in different parts of America, This all sparked in the era of the Mexican American war.

The League of United Latin American Citizens in 1929, erupted which was also supported by the Mexican women. The later world wars , in which American Latinos participated and showed that they were concerned about the defense and progress of their country in the same manner as their American counterparts resulted in being granted scholarships and college admissions to the Latinos , which were denied in the early part of the century. Women rights have always been the source of concern for the political activists in the different stratus of society.

Women Rights Movements have erupted as a result of the civil rights violation of women for a long time. Women were regarded as expendable community and were always subjugated by their husbands unnecessarily. Women have always been considered the weaker of the sexes and this has resulted in the men taking advantage of their positions without being able to comprehend the fact the women have rights too and until the women stood up for themselves there was no concept of a freedom of expression for the women.

The Women’s rights Movements can be divided into two parts according to chronology, the Movements of the nineteenth century and the Twentieth Century. The movement’s happening’s around the nineteenth century takes us around the start of 18th century in which the American women was considered a subjugated soul, with no rights what so ever. She was compelled to follow her husband’s desires and religious point of views. (Women Overlooked – MSNBC) The lives of Anna Hutchinson and Abigail Adams proclaim what can be called as the advent of women civil rights movements.

These women and many more from the slave era like Lydia Maria Child and Sarah Grimeke protested against the treatment matted out to the different slave women during that part of the century as well. They raised their voices and concern against the ill treatment of the American male population in the subjugation of the female population of the country. In 1840 when Lucertia Mott was forbidden by the Antislavery convention in London, for being female . As females were not allowed to participate in the convention. She went back to America with her husband and started to voice her concerns against the discriminatory treatment against the women.

She and Candy Stanton in 1884 held the first formal women rights convention. Almost more than 300 people attended the convention and they passed the “Declaration of Sentiments”, which demanded an end to the discrimination against the women. The declaration demanded that as men and women were created equal so they must have equal rights and privileges when it comes to the issue of giving rights and full comprehension and freedom are granted to the views of women without subjugation from fear and emotional blackmailing. More conventions were held in due time and this helped in the liberation of women in different strata of society.