The relationship between drugs and crime is complex

The relationship between drugs and crime is complex. Though it is generally believed that use of drugs result in high rates of violence and crime in the society, it cannot be determined for sure if the individual would have still committed a crime had he not been under the influence of drugs. Thus referral to treatment centre for treatment of drug problem cannot be considered as an alternative for prosecution. Many programs have been introduced to bridge the gap between the criminal Justice system and drug treatment services (Youth Crime Briefing, 2004).

Efforts are also needed to pay special attention towards treatment and rehabilitation of individuals whose crime has been found to be related to misuse of drugs. Drug Treatment and Testing Orders (DTTO) and abstinence testing orders had been introduced by the U. K government in 1998 order to increase the rates of treatment among the offenders whose crime has been found to be drug related (Youth Crime Briefing, 2004). An order similar to that of DTTO, called “Drug Rehabilitation Requirement” was introduced under the “Drug intervention program” (Home Office, 2007). Both DTTO and DRR are described below.