The Race Relation Act 1995

Following my report it seems to me that there are some things that could have be done for example there is a law called The Equality Act 2010. This law is the replace of the other acts that protected people from discrimination these acts are: The Sex Discrimination Act 1975, The Race Relation Act 1995, The Equal Pay Act and The Discrimination Act. The Equality Act 2010 protects people form lots of different discrimination that is targeted to someone. Naima is rejected form a job within a shop which would have involved speaking t o customers.

She was told that her English wasn't good enough. The act (Equality Act 2010) policy is to protect the rights of individuals and there opportunities within the protected characteristics. This will protect Naima because her characteristic is Race and she was discriminated directly against because she has a really strong accent and is hard to understand. Also possibly because her clothes that she is wearing is different from the people working there. Another situation that occurred would be that Naima is a target of bulling and being victimised by another co-worker in the care home.

The co-worker calls her "that wog". That would come under the protected characteristics -religion and belief. The act will protect Naima because she was discriminated against very directly because her culture is different to the bully. General Social Care Council Code of ConductThis Code of Conduct Policy is to set a high standard of the care workers responsibilities to provide good care. This ensures the workers and the users have their own rights protected. This Code of Conduct protects the users form any kinds of abuse that a social care worker might inflict on the users.

E. g. bulling, not tending to duty (washing the users) and harassment. Also to protect the workers from the users form doing the same. Naima witnesses a service user who is getting purposely bullied by her darer. This user happens to be born in Jamaica. Her carer discriminated her constantly and neglected her. With the carer doing this it comes into the code of conduct because her duties aren't being kept to this law. This law will be protecting the user and the rights she is entitled to.

Disciplinary actions will be taken on this registered carer because she is failing this law. (M3) This Equality Act 2010 promotes diversity by the wide range of characteristics that are now being protected. Diversity extendedly promoted to the broad variety of the settings in which care takes place in the UK, ensuring that employee or potential employee to the workplace isn't a target of discrimination on the basis of the nine protected characteristics. It's ensuring that all the settings have a policy that ensures respect to diversity and opportunity.

Diversity improves the effectiveness and production of the work force. An example of the importance of diversity that's beneficial to the setting. A woman will approach a problem differently than a man would their gender diversity makes them provide solutions that the other wouldn't think otherwise. If it was me who was discriminated against within the workplace and it was completely ignored, I would feel excluded and not part of the team that works in the health and social care setting.

It might lead me to possibly leaving this job and also that whole area of work because of the discrimination, knocking back my confidence so much. This leaving me with the feeling of rejection of living in this country and also feeling victimized because I have a different culture, gender etc. My feelings towards the company are feeling extremely appalled because of the way I have been treated and having to put up with this discrimination for so long. This is leaving me feeling unvalued as a human being in the UK in this day and age.