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To illustrate how United States has enhanced education to non English speaking immigrants we may quote “Teachers in Bulloch County have been ill-prepared to address the needs of so many children with limited English speaking skills. In time, however, lack of formal training has been compensated by the schools’ ability to foster positive attitudes, creativity, and sensitivity” (Macken 2002). The administrative staff and teachers have worked together to create high academic and behavioral expectations while fostering a compassionate, safe, and rewarding environment.

“The teachers have practiced patience, worked diligently at modifying their lesson plans, and learned to assess children on their progress rather than on their language acquisition” (Ellis, 2003). The approach has been guided by the assistance of Immigrants community like Hispanic and educational organizations in the service area. Many immigrants go to the United States in search for a better life than that of their origin as many say that United States of America is the land of milk and honey.

This better life means access to the needs at lower or favorable costs for one to earn a better living. In United States the cost of buying a car is low compared to many countries and thus it’s easier for one to own a car or even a house here than in the origin countries of most immigrants. Thus most immigrants will prefer to work in the United States where they will access their needs at low costs having high income earnings and live a luxurious life than live below poverty in their countries of origin.

Better life also includes good medical cover at workplaces, good child care systems and easy access to free or affordable education to the children. These factors are catered for by the United States and hence many immigrants will tend to move to the United States to have access to this opportunity that is not offered in many states. Most well known and established Higher education institutions are located in the United States. People living in third world countries or developing countries will tend to come to the further their studies here.

These are immigrants that have left their countries in search for the best education especially in higher institution and they end up in the United States to acquire a successful Education. Some university presidents are waiving the out of state tuition for promising immigrants students thus they can be able to access the university education at an affordable fee in States unlike in many other countries. Texas became the first state to let undocumented students pay in-state tuition and lawmakers in other states, including Georgia, have considered similar proposals.

Undocumented immigrants are also being allowed to go to school and learn without having to show proof of document of their legality but are treated as foreign students who are also eligible to full scholarships. The University System of Georgia clarified its admission policy and affirmed its commitment to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for entrance, if not for in-state tuition rates. Most universities in the third world countries or some in the developed countries lack necessary equipments and infrastructure to facilitate better learning.

In The United states most of this university or even schools are well equipped and use latest technologies to disseminate education in all manners. Electronic library systems are also available for reference and research works that require support of various resources. The projects are government funded and thus one can acquire all requirements and resources required to come up with the best project that bring new technology to the state.